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Here at QdQ we normally play Quake on the hardest available difficulty, Nightmare. But to show off skill without being disturbed by and/or having to kill annoying monsters, we also make runs on the easiest difficulty, Easy.

The difference between a run and a 100% movie is that the runs have only one goal - and that is to get from start to exit as fast as possible. In the 100% movies, we also kill all monsters and find all secrets in the maps before exiting, and also make sure to visit all the secret levels.

Over the years we have made more than a few movies. Right below you will find the normal Quake movies. Further down you will find other Quake movies, mission pack and episode runs. Even further down you will find runs through other games such as Quake II, Doom, and Doom II.

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FP - Normal, first person demos available
CAM - Recammed demos available
AVI - AVI or some other rendered format available.
STREAM - Youtube or some other streaming site available.


Nightmare run

Quake done Quickest - 11:29

December 29th 2011 - [FP, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

Our fastest ever nightmare run through Quake, and a 54 seconds improvement over the highly popular QdQwaV. This is Quake Speedrunning at its peak!

Quake done Quick with a Vengeance - 12:23

September 13th 2000 - [FP] - Downloads

Making use of every known trick, including unrestricted bunny-hopping, to represent the state-of-the-art in Nightmare running. Demos by Markus Taipale, Peter Horvath, Attila Csernyik, Sergi Cami, Aleksander Osipov, Ingmar Poerner and Ilkka Kurkela.

Quake done Quicker - 16:35

September 13th 1997 - [FP, CAM] - Downloads

This run features performances from a greater variety of players and much improved playing skills, as well as camerawork and some neat production effects in the movie version.

Quake done Quick - 19:49

June 11th 1997 - [FP, CAM] - Downloads

The movie that started the hype... Demos by Yonatan Donner, Matthias Belz and Nolan Pflug.
Nightmare 100%

Quake done 100% Quickest - 48:00

December 29th 2011 - [FP, AVI, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

Our fastest run through Quake on nightmare skill getting all kills and all secrets on all available maps in the single player campaign. The run is a huge improvement over Quake done 100% Quicker. The majority of the levels are run by Thomas Stubgaard.

Quake done 100% Quick with a Vengeance - Episode 1 - 8:58

February 11th 2005 - [FP] - Downloads

Preview of the eventual Quake done 100% Quick with a Vengeance, including only the first episode. Demos by Thomas Stubgaard, Connor Fitzgerald and Jozsef Szalontai.

Quake done 100% Quicker - 59:31

January 5th 2000 - [FP] - Downloads

A replacement for the earlier release. Every single demo was improved. Released in first-person view only.

Quake done 100% Quick - 72:45

November 8th 1997 - [FP, CAM] - Downloads

This is a speed-run where we get every kill and secret in the game. Quake done completely! There are less short-cuts, but a lot more blood and gore. Available in both first-person and refilmed versions.
Easy run

Quake done Quickest lite - 10:09

December 22nd 2022 - [FP, AVI, STREAM] - Downloads & Links

Our fastest ever easy run through Quake, and a 49 seconds improvement over the already stunning tRR.

the Rabbit Run - 10:58

April 3rd 2005 - [FP, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

This successor-to-all run finishes Quake in the fastest time imaginable, killing monsters only where necessary.

Quake done Quick lite - 14:06 and 12:54

January 24th 1998, September 6th 1998 - [FP, CAM] - Downloads

Two easy runs through Quake, one of them using bunnies.
Easy 100%

Quake done 100% Quickest lite - 29:20

June 22nd 2020 - [FP, AVI, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

Another mammoth improvement over the predecessor run Quake done 100% Quick lite 2 from 2006, Quake done 100% Quickest lite finishes Quake on easy skill, getting all kills, and finding all secrets in just 29 minutes and 20 seconds. Released on Quake 24th birthday.

Quake done 100% Quick lite 2 - 33:33

July 22nd 2006 - [FP, CAM, AVI, STREAM] - Downloads

A massive improvement to the predecessor run Quake done 100% Quick lite, Quake done 100% Quick lite 2 finishes Quake on easy skill getting all kills and finding all secrets in only 33:33. Released on Quake's 10th birthday, and including both the standard first-person run and a recammed movie version.

Quake done 100% Quick lite - 42:25

December 24th 1998 - [FP] - Downloads

This is a speed-run in which we get every kill and secret in the game. It's the sleeker Skill 0 sister of the previous Quake done 100% Quick run. Like that release, it's a nice combination of both speed and destruction. This is a first-person recording. There is no refilmed movie version.

Other Quake runs on the original levels

Quake done double Quick lite - 9:55

June 22nd 2006 - [FP, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

Nearly 6 years after the release of QddQ, and quite a few struggles to get this done, we give you Quake done double Quick lite, a 2-player 9:55 easy run through all of Quake.

Quake done Chopped - 72:14

December 24th 2005 - [FP, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

This is a run that completes Quake on Easy difficulty, getting getting from start to end as fast as possible, killing all the monsters (except zombies) using just the axe.

Dimension of the Gibbed - 5:25

November 10th 2003 - [FP, CAM, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

Between August and December 2002 we ran a series of speedrunning contests on the Speed Demos Archive ( These contests ran on each of the levels of "Episode One : The Dimension of the Doomed" in turn and you simply had to gib every monster on the level as quickly as possible and exit. The exit stats of the winning time were used as the starting stats for the next contest in order to turn the whole thing into a complete run.

Quake done Backwards - 11:28

December 24th 2002 - [FP, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

This is another speed-run through Quake on Easy skill, with a new twist: we completed the levels in reverse order, starting at end and ending with e1m1. This enables a different set of routes and tricks than usual.

Quake done double Quick - 12:35

August 29th 2000 - [FP] - Downloads

A run through Quake on Nightmare skill, undertaken by two players who cooperate to finish the levels faster than would be possible in single player mode

Fiend Run Lite - 10:00

April 1st 1999 - [FP, CAM, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

Fiend Run Lite was a project undertaken by Peter Horvath and Attila Csernyik. Using the "morph" game mod by Jeff Epler, they recorded a QdQ style first-person run playing as a fiend rather than as a human player.

When they showed it to us we thought it was so cool that we ought to refilm it a little and add our usual excuse for a plot. For the refilmed movie, we also changed the normal fiend model into a special one of the QdQ guy riding the fiend, but we kept the existing animations and movements, so this is still "real" gameplay, even if it is a bit unusual!

Skillz Test #4 reel

August 9th 1997 - [FP] - Downloads

This is a demo showing some of the highlights from the Skillz Test #4 challenge we initiated on E1M3.
Mission pack and episode runs

Scourge done Slickest lite - 6:43

August 13th 2018 - [FP, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

This is a run that completes Quake Mission Pack 1, Scourge of Armagon, on Easy difficulty as fast as possible. All done by Conny 'jukebox' Wernersson.

Run DMC - 1:17

May 19th 2005 - [FP, CAM, AVI] - Downloads

RUN DMC is a run through the DeathMatch Classics custom episode on Easy skill, produced by TeamSDA.

Blue Hell done Quick - 0:38 and 0:51

November 30th 2000 - [FP] - Downloads

This release contains speed-runs through the Blue Hell mission pack for Quake. Here, we complete the mission pack in two ways: on Nightmare speed, just caring for time, in a total of 38 seconds, and on Easy skill, getting all the kills, in 51 seconds.

Runner's Delight at Speedcon 2 - 3:00

August 9th 2006 - [FP, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

In this run, three players, namely Mathias Thore, Thomas Stubgaard and Thomas Bergendorff, go through the Runner's Delight mission pack in cooperative mode, finishing the levels as fast as possible on Easy skill. As opposed to the old run, we used unrestricted bunnies in this project.

Runner's Delight at Speedcon - 3:29

August 29th 2000 - [FP] - Downloads

In this run, two players, namely Will Marsh and Ilkka Kurkela, go through the Runner's Delight mission pack in cooperative mode, finishing the levels as fast as possible on Easy skill, using restricted bunnies.

Speed Beyond Belief

1997-2002 - [FP, CAM] - Downloads

Various runs through the excellent free mission pack Beyond Belief by Matthias Worch. All kinds of runs are here; nightmare run, nightmare 100%, easy 100%, and two easy runs. Some of the runs have recams.

Scourge done Slick - 11:02 and 8:20

July 26th 1998 - [FP, CAM, STREAM] - Downloads - Video

This is a run that completes Quake Mission Pack 1, Scourge of Armagon, on Nightmare difficulty as fast as we could manage. (Also see our improvements page.) We spent a longer time on the production of the refilmed version of the run than we have with any previous release; we'd consider it to be a proper Quake movie based on the original run.

SdSlite provides a whole new run through Scourge on easy skill. Significantly faster than the original SdS run, with more tricks than you can shake a stick at.

Other games

Quake II

Quake2 done Quick2 - 21:06

August 1st 1999 - [FP, CAM] - Downloads

This is a run that completes Quake2 on Hard skill as fast as we could manage, without resorting to unrestricted bunny-hopping.
Doom, Doom II

Doom done Quicker - 16:05

December 10th 2000 - Downloads

Doom done Quick - 19:41

May 3rd 1998 - Downloads

Doom2 done Quick - 21:16

June 10th 1998 - Downloads

Hell Quickly Revealed - 43:39

November 21st 1997 - Downloads

Runs not by us

Quake runs

The Harvest of Secrets

January 24th 2006 - [FP] - Download

Jaakko 'NahkahiiR' Alakopsa and Aleksander 'sidd' Osipov cooped run in deathmatch mode, finishing the maps after getting all secrets. Finishing time 11:02.

The ID run

March 22nd 2005 - [FP] - Download

Easy run through Quake by Mathias Thore, Martin Selinus, and Robert Maglic. Each map is finished along the route iD intended. Finishing time is thus 23:10.

Mandel & Midas do Quake Quick

October 26th 2004 - [FP] - Download

Easy run through Quake by Mathias Thore and Robert Maglic. Finishing time is 11:44.

Snoop Shafts Shub

2002 - [FP] - Download

David Hocking has made an Easy skill speed-run of Quake all by himself in a time of 11:55, a very respectable result indeed. The run is called SnooP Shaft's Shub

Quake Kodden & Dale Speed

2002 - [FP] - Download

Two Swedes, Oskar Calson and Magnus Olsson have released QKDSpeed, a run of Quake on Easy skill in 12:32. The time is one and a half minutes faster than our own Quake done Quick lite.

Quake done Quad

2002 - [FP, CAM] - Download

Cheated run though parts of Quake, performed by Phil.