QdQ Downloads
19:49 run through Quake

Quake done Quick


This is a run that completes Quake on Nightmare difficulty as fast as we could manage at the time.


QdQ, is just a normal (long) Quake demo, so just unzip it in your id1 directory and type playdemo qdq_1949 (or whatever) at the Quake console to play it.


qdq_1949 (2.02Mb)
Refilmed movie, single DEM
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Original release, 97/06/11
The original version, Quake done Quick in 19:49.

all_1949 (1.87Mb)
Normal first-person recording, single DEM
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Original release, 97/06/11

eldwhirl obsolete
Refilmed movie, single DEM
obsolete no text
Original release, 97/05/09
Our first ever movie The Elder Whirled eventually became one part of Quake done Quick.

Version history

11th June 1997 - Quake done Quick released
This original version has also been distributed on quite a few magazine C freebies.
9th May 1997 - The Elder Whirled released
Seemed only sensible to put it on my home page.
8th May 1997 - The Elder Whirled sent as an entry in the QuakeLab MultiMedia contest
This became Episode 4 from Quake done Quick, it was the first part we finished recording. We thought of refilming it as an entry in the QLMM movie contest, ReMaic was written, and the run was filmed. The contest was never actually judged, but at least it gave us the inspiration to try filming these runs after recording them in the regular way.