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42:25 run through Quake on Skill 0 with 100% kills and secrets

Quake done 100% Quick lite


This is a speed-run in which we get every kill and secret in the game. It's the sleeker Skill 0 sister of the previous Quake done 100% Quick run. Like that release, it's a nice combination of both speed and destruction.

This is a first-person recording. There is no refilmed movie version.


The download contains a pak0.pak file. Put this in a subdirectory of your main Quake directory and run Quake with the -game command-line option as normal. For more detailed instructions you should consult the text file.


Qd100Ql (4Mb)
Normal first-person recording, 43min, menu-driven demo PAK
download text
Original release, 98/12/24
The one and only variant for this release. Complete set of first-person runs completing every detail of Quake in under three-quarters of an hour.

Version history

24th December 1998 - proper release of Qd100Ql.
As normal, there were a slew of internal test releases preceding this, but the details would probably be boring.