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72:45 run through Quake with 100% kills and secrets

Quake done 100% Quick


This is a speed-run where we get every kill and secret in the game. Quake done completely! There are less short-cuts, but a lot more blood and gore. If you like this kind of 100% demo, check out the Speed Demos Archive page, which features from-scratch runs of this kind for lots of the id and a great variety of other levels.

The QdQ team has made two runs of this kind. The first, Qd100Q, completes the game in a time of 72:45. It was released in the end of 1997 and is available in both first-person and refilmed versions.


The main download contains a pak0.pak file. Put this in a subdirectory of your main Quake directory and run Quake with the -game command-line option. The other formats are installed in different ways. For full installation instructions you should always consult the text file included with each download.


Qd100Q (4.95Mb)
Refilmed movie and first-person demos, 94min, menu-driven demo PAK
download text
Original release, 97/12/24

Version history

24th December 1997 - proper release of Qd100Q.
Added the refilmed movie version, fixed some fade problems, and also introduced our first menu interface for playing demos.
8th November 1997 - advance release of Qd1Q7245.
The standard first-person view of the finished run was released in advance because we knew it would take a long time to refilm so much material.