QdQ Downloads
16:35 run through Quake

Quake done Quicker


This is a run that completes Quake on Nightmare difficulty as fast as we could manage at the time.


For QdQr, the downloads contain a pak0.pak file. Put this in a subdirectory of your main Quake directory and run Quake with the -game command-line option.


qdq_1635 (2.76Mb)
Refilmed movie, 23min, demo PAK
download text
Version 1.01, 97/09/14
Quake done Quicker in 16:35.

all_1635 (1.84Mb)
Normal first-person recording, 20min, demo PAK
download text
Version 1.01, 97/09/14

Version history

13th September 2000 - Quake done Quick with a Vengeance released
QdQwav is the much faster sequel of QdQr and available on a separate page.
28th April 2000 - RealMovie versions released
The movie became the showcased film at Machinima.com, and as a result a four-part RealMovie version was created.
14th September 1997 - version 1.01 released
Some display problems under GL meant we had to tweak gl_playermip, and also a continuity error with health and lightning damage in END was fixed. This version has also appeared on some magazine CD freebies.
13th September 1997 - Quake done Quicker released
When we released our original 19:49 run, we didn't think things could get much faster, but as ever, we surprised ourselves. Or maybe we should say that Quake and its players surprised us. This new 16:35 run all the way through Quake on Nightmare mode features performances from a greater variety of players and much improved playing skills, as well as all new camerawork and some neat new production effects in the movie version.