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21:16 run through Doom2

Doom2 done Quick


An Ultra-Violence run through all thirty-two levels of Doom2, created by recording each level LMP separately. Check our Doom page for more information on the recording method, and for other Doom runs.

This release also features what we believe is the first ever refilming implemented for Doom. First-person and external camera perspectives are combined in a single demo and you can switch between them as you watch.


Unzip d2dq2116.zip into your Doom2 directory. We have included a special exe file that is necessary to play the demo because of the filming and also because without it, the demo won't work past map23. The reason is that there is a small difference between Doom2 v1.9 and the released Doom source. Apologies to those running Doom who aren't Prisoners of Bill.

This release will not playback correctly under versions of Doom2 other than Doom2 v1.9, because the maps were changed slightly from earlier versions.
These previous versions, such as Doom2 v1.666, will try to play, but the differing maps will result in a bad playback in which the player and camera movements will look decidedly strange. You can patch your existing Doom2 to upgrade to Doom2 v1.9; the upgrade is available from id Software and the standard mirrors.

d2dq2116.zip contains five files:

- that's the D2dQ executable
- that's the batch file that plays Doom2 done Quick
- that's the demo file
- that's the camera information file for Doom2 done Quick
- the usual text file

After you unzip them into your Doom2 directory, just run d2dq2116 and the demo will play. Alternatively, you can run d2dq -camdemo d2dq2116. You can switch to the player's perspective by pressing "p" and back to the camera perspective by pressing "c".


d2dq2116 (564Kb)
Recording & cam data, 22min, LMP & EXE
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Original release, 98/06/10

Version history

10th June 1998 - release of full run