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14:06 run through Quake on Skill 0
12:54 improved run

Quake done Quick lite


Quake done Quick lite is a movie by some old and many newcomers to the QdQ team. The idea was suggested by a few people who visited the Skill 0 Speed Demo site run by Gunnar André Mo. Finally, a small team was assembled by Gerald Tan, and the original QdQ team agreed to add this project to the QdQ family of speed running projects.

It is a run of Quake on Easy skill, going through the required levels as fast as possible. Secrets and kills do not matter. You can see it as the Skill 0 version of Quake done Quicker. But Skill 0 does not mean no skill! Different skills are required, since more tricks are available, and there's less need to worry about having to dodge monsters which are trying to harass us.

A bunny-hopped improvement to the original recording is also available in first-person form, finishing the game in 12:54. This run was called Rabbit-Run.

The download contains 3 runs. The main movie version and the first-person perspective version of the 14:06 run, and the 12:54 improved Rabbit-Run. You select which run you want to watch though a menu interface.


The downloads all contain pak*.pak files. Put them in a subdirectory of your main Quake directory and run Quake with the -game command-line option. For full installation instructions you can consult the text file.


QdQlite (4.04Mb)
Refilmed movie, first person run, and imrpoved Rabbit-Run. Menu driven PAK
download text

Version history

6th September 1998 - release version 1 of the Rabbit Run.
This was a later upgrade that contained a lot of bunny-hopped improvements to the original run.
24th January 1998 - release version 1 of all three zips.
The main changes to the later tests are a smaller download size and a fix for the 320x200 bug, as well as some other minor stuff.
22nd January 1998 - various test versions of all three zips.
These were not publically announced releases, but will be the first to propogate to distant cdrom.com mirrors. These versions will probably crash if viewed at 320x200 resolution. Other resolutions should be fine.