Quake done 100% Quickest lite

This is a run that completes Quake on Easy difficulty, killing all monsters and finding all secrets on all maps while getting from start to end as fast as possible. Finishing time is 29:20. The predecessor run, the 33:33 Quake done 100% Quick lite 2 from 2006 is still available on this page.


First you need to find your main Quake directory. This probably has the name 'Quake' and will contain such items as your Quake executable programs (such as joequake.exe, or quake.exe, or winquake.exe, or glquake.exe...) and your Id1 subdirectory.

You should make a subdirectory of this main directory. Give it whatever name you like; for the purposes of these instructions we will assume you have called it 'qd100qstlite'.

The qd100qstlite.zip file should contain 2 files which should be unzipped into the qd100qstlite directory. These 2 files are:


Now to run the movie, start Quake with the command-line option '-game qd100qstlite'

The movie is played from a menu interface, so that you can choose to play the whole movie, or individual episodes, or individual levels. Using the menu should be mostly self-explanatory.

You can use the following keys during playback:


.zip - PAK version (6.27 MB) SpeedDemosArchive.com 22-06-2020
AVI - YouTube 4k version YouTube 22-06-2020
AVI - 4k version (9.93 GB) SpeedDemosArchive.com 22-06-2020
AVI - 1440p version (5.35 GB) SpeedDemosArchive.com 22-06-2020
AVI - 1080p version (3.63 GB) SpeedDemosArchive.com 22-06-2020

Version history

22-06-2020 - Initial release.