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various runs through Beyond Belief

Speed Beyond Belief


These are 5 speed-runs through the excellent free complete mission Beyond Belief by Matthias Worch. You'll need to download the mission if you don't already have it, of course.


This downloads contain a pak1.pak file each. You should put the file in your Beyond Belief game directory and start Beyond Belief playing in the usual way - the movie will then play.

You can only have one movie installed at a time. If you want to install more than one of the runs you will have to create several copies of the mission pack in different directories, and install one run in each.


speed Beyond Belief (518Kb)
4:25 Nightmare run. Movie version.
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speed Beyond Belief (326Kb)
4:25 Nightmare run. First-person demos.
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speed Completely Beyond Belief (4.1Mb)
12:33 and 18:24 runs with all kills and secrets.
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speed Beyond Belief lite (468Kb)
3:02 Easy run. Movie version only.
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speed Beyond Belief lite 2 (2.08Mb)
2:20 Easy run. First-person and movie version included.
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