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0:38 and 0:51 runs through Blue Hell

Blue Hell done Quick


This release contains speed-runs through the Blue Hell mission pack for Quake. Blue Hell, created by Jason Zukowski, contains five small levels. While the level design offers nothing particularly exciting in the way of visuals, the maps provide some nice arena combat and have been popular with speed-runners. Here, we complete the mission pack in two ways: on Nightmare speed, just caring for time, in a total of 38 seconds, and on Easy skill, getting all the kills, in 51 seconds.


Installation and running is straightforward: You should make a subdirectory of your main Quake directory called jzblue. This is where you should unzip all the contents of your downloads to.

Once you have done this, you can start BHdQ. If you are on a DOS/Windows platform, you can make use of two batch files we provide in the package (bhdq_nr.bat and bhdq_eh.bat). If you are on another platform, you should refer to the text file for instructions.


BHdQ (4.1Mb)
Levels and demos in one package
download text
Contains both the levels by Jason Zukowski and the demos we made for it, plus some music.

Version history

30th November 2000 - initial release