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16:05 run through Ultimate DooM

Doom done Quicker


An Ultra-Violence run through all four Ultimate Doom episodes, created by recording each level LMP separately. The predecessor run, Doom done Quick, is still available on this page. Also, you can check our Doom page for more information on the recording method, and for other Doom runs.


Unzip the download in your Doom directory and playback any one of the four episode LMPs with Ultimate Doom version 1.9:
doom -file ddqr.wad -playdemo ddqr-ep?, where ? is the episode number from 1 to 4. Under DOS you can also run the included ddqr.bat file to watch the whole movie.

This release will not playback correctly under versions of Doom other than Ultimate Doom v1.9.
Versions previous to v1.9 should return a "wrong version" error straight away. Normal Doom v1.9 will try to play, but it will be missing the fourth episode specially made for Ultimate Doom, and it also has a slightly different e1m1 map. The latter will result in a bad playback of Episode 1 in which the player movement will look decidedly strange. You can patch your existing Doom to upgrade to Ultimate Doom v1.9; the upgrade is available from id Software and the standard mirrors.


dqr-1605 (72Kb)
Normal recording, 16min, four LMPs
download text
Original release, 00/12/10

Version history

10th December 2000 - release of full run