Quake done double Quick lite

Quake done double Quick lite is only the 3rd attempt for the QdQ team to run through Quake in cooperative mode. First we released QddQl's predecessor Quake done double Quick, a nightmare run through Quake, then shortly after we released RDSC. Runner's Delight at Speedcon is a speed-run of Runner's Delight, a custom-made mission pack for Quake.

Cooperative mode: Two players tackle the map together, sharing the work to complete the level quicker than would be possible in single player mode. Actually, some of the times in this release are slower than the current single player records due to the timespan of this project :-)

The result is a run through Quake in 9:55, which is 2 minutes and 40 seconds faster than Quake done double Quick, which was released on August 29th, 2000. Now, over 5 years later, and quite a few struggles to get this done, we give you Quake done double Quick lite! Yeeehaaaw!

Demo packages

The demo package is available as a standard Zip file.

Once you've downloaded, installation and running is straightforward: You should make a subdirectory of your main Quake directory called, e.g. qddql. This is where you should unzip all the contents of your download to.

When you have done this, you can start Quake done double Quick lite by running Quake with the -game qddql command line option. If you need more precise instructions, you should refer to the text file.


Simply click the link below and watch the run streamed in glorious high definition.


qddqlite.zip (10.0mb) The demo package in zip format. 22-06-2006
qddqlite.txt The text file. 22-06-2006
Quake done double Quick lite The movie streaming on YouTube. 28-05-2022

Version history

22-06-2006 - Initial release.
28-05-2022 - New video for Youtube.