Quake Done Chopped

This is a run that completes Quake on Easy difficulty, getting getting from start to end as fast as possible, killing all the monsters (except zombies) using just the axe. Finishing time is 72:14.

Demo packages

The demo package is available as a standard Zip file.

Once you've downloaded, installation and running is straightforward: You should make a subdirectory of your main Quake directory called, e.g. qdc. This is where you should unzip all the contents of your download to.

When you have done this, you can start Quake done Chopped by running Quake with the -game qdc command line option. If you need more precise instructions, you should refer to the text file.


Simply click the link below and watch the run streamed in glorious high definition.


qdc.zip (14.8 MB) The demo package in zip format. 24-12-2005
qdc.txt The text file. 24-12-2005
Quake Done Chopped The movie streaming on YouTube. 31-05-2022

Version history

24-12-2005 - Initial release
26-12-2005 - Some bugs fixed in the PAK
31-05-2022 - New video for Youtube.