QdQ Tools
You can download various useful tools from here.


Running and recording, filming and editing: we need tools and utilities to help us with these activities. Once they're properly polished and documented, we release most of them here.

A number of other fancy downloadable files can be found at the SDA quake download area, here

  QdQstats Make Quake1 recordings from non-standard statistics (Anthony Bailey, Nolan Pflug, Stefan Schwoon) 98/03/15
  q2timer Quake2 equivalent to QdQstats plus much more (Nolan Pflug) 99/02/14
  DdQstats Doom equivalent to QdQstats (Yonatan Donner) 98/05/03
  QdQvel Gives feedback on your in-game Quake1 velocity (Anthony Bailey) 97/11/15
  DemTool Versatile general purpose Quake1 demo processing utility (by Stefan Schwoon) 98/05/13
  Dm2Tool Quake2 equivalent to Demtool (Stefan Schwoon) 98/05/18
  Demix Quake1 demo mixing utility (by Stefan Schwoon) 98/05/18
  Dzip Demo compression utility (by Stefan Schwoon and Nolan Pflug) 00/07/28
  ReMaic Studio 2 Our latest recamming tool 07/10/04
  ReMaic Reshoots existing Quake1 demos from new perspectives (by Anthony Bailey) 97/05/19
  QdQFront Windows front-end for co-ordinating some QdQ utilities (by Andrew Smith) 97/12/03


The VWep-style Quake1 models we use in our movies always attract questions about whether they can be used in normal play. They can; our own models were derived from some in a mod called DeathMatch Essentials by Razor Entertainment that was designed for Quake1 VWep DeathMatch long before Quake2 was around. We have lost all trace of the presence of DME or Razor on the Web, so we have archived a copy of the mod in our own space.
DeathMatch Essentials DME VWep mod for Quake1 DeathMatch not ours!
The Morph mod was used to change the player into a fiend in fiend run lite. Since getting hold of this file can be rather problematic, we are storing a local copy of it on our server.
Morph morph Morph mod, version 2 by Jeff Epler 96/08/22