The id Software perspective

John Cash talked about bugs and features in relation to strafe-running and rocket-jumping with the QuakeCast team on the Jun 26 QuakeCast:

[do you find that] some of them turn into features rather than bugs, like strafe-running in Doom? After a while it becomes part of the game?

John Cash:
It's like, you didn't intend it, but it's just so damn cool you have to leave it in... like rocket-jumping.

Did you guys discuss adding strafe-running into Quake?

John Cash:

It was a foregone conclusion it would be gone?

John Cash:
Strafe-running was a bug in DooM. So, you know, when we did Quake, we actually wrote it correctly so it was never a possibility.

Is there any rocket-jumping equivalent in Quake2 yet?

John Cash:
We still have a rocket-launcher in, so you can still rocket-jump. We don't really see a reason to take it out, because it is kind of a cool thing.

And are the guys when they're doing the levels keeping this more in mind though?

John Cash:
Oh yeah.

But whether that means they'll be trying to get rid of all shortcuts in Quake2, or will be purposefully building them in, we'll have to see.

And here's another related nugget from his .plan since then:

I've had fun with a new "feature" in Quake2 recently. Let me just say that if you like rocket jumping, you're going to love barrel rocket jumping. It's basically just a RJ off of an exploding barrel (kind of like the slime cans in Doom), but man oh man can you catch some air! The level designers are already trying to figure out good ways to reward people crazy enough to launch an explosive while standing on another one.
Good to hear there'll be planned short-cuts this time round too - QdQ like it when there's a quick way that almost kills you. And you can bet for every short-cut you are supposed to do, there'll be three more that turn up by accident as a consequence. We're looking forward to Quake 2 done Quick too, I can tell you! smiley