RUN DMC is a TeamSDA run through the DeathMatch Classics custom episode on Easy skill in just one minute and seventeen seconds. The run was recorded one level at a time and stitched together in the usual QdQ fashion. Despite the superhuman playing ability on display absolutely no cheats of any kind were used in the making of these demos, it's just good, old fashioned skill.

Then, for a bit of added fun, we decided to make the whole thing into a movie.

For more details about the DMC levels see the .txt in the map download given above.

For more info about the run, read the text file or just download the bloody thing (also available as zip here).

TeamSDA, 2005-05-20

2005-08-26 UPDATE: We've made some AVIs of the run for you: Normal, first-person view (37.6 MB), FOV 120, first-persion view (37.6 MB) and Recammed (37.1 MB).