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About Dzip:

Dzip is a program for file compression. It's advantage over more popular compression software is in the size of the program, easily fitting on a floppy disk.

It performs just as good as the competition, or slightly better, on average, both in compression ratio and time. See our comparison.

Dzip has full integration with the Windows shell. You can drag files into the Dzip window to add them to a .dz file. You can drag files out of the Dzip window wherever you would like them extracted. You can drag files on top of an icon for a .dz file to add them. Unlike WinZip, Dzip will not 'double copy' files when you drag them out by extracting to the temp directory and them copying them to the destination, the files go straight to the destination.

Dzip can create self-extracting exe files out of its .dz files, so you can send files to your friends who don't have Dzip!

Dzip's original purpose was to compress demo recordings of the id software game Quake much better than any other program, and it still does this.

Dzip runs on any 32 bit windows platform (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP), requires only 130k of disk space, and uses minimal system resources.

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