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11:28 run through Quake in reverse order, on Easy skill

Quake done Backwards


This is another speed-run through Quake on Easy skill, with a new twist: we completed the levels in reverse order, starting at end and ending with e1m1. This enables a different set of routes and tricks than usual. The higher levels take longer to run because we start them with only the shotgun, but the lower levels become quicker as we acquire new weapons while "descending" through the maps.


This download contains a pak0.pak file. You should create a directory called qdb below your Quake executable and put the file into that directory. On DOS/Windows machines, start the demos by running Quake with an additional -game qdb argument. Instructions for other platforms are contained in the text file included in the release.


QdB (2386Kb)
First person demos with menu, Dzip format
download text
Bugfix release, 03/01/06

QdB (3406Kb)
First person demos with menu, Zip format
download text
Bugfix release, 03/01/06

Version history

24th December 2002 - original release
25th December 2002 - the original dzipped version was buggy; fixed
6th January 2003 - fixed e1m1 not following up to credits