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10:00 run through Quake on Skill 0 morphed as a fiend

Fiend Run Lite


Fiend Run Lite was a project undertaken by Peter Horvath and Attila Csernyik. Using the "morph" game mod by Jeff Epler, they recorded a QdQ style first-person run playing as a fiend rather than as a human player.

When they showed it to us we thought it was so cool that we ought to refilm it a little and add our usual excuse for a plot. For the refilmed movie, we also changed the normal fiend model into a special one of the QdQ guy riding the fiend, but we kept the existing animations and movements, so this is still "real" gameplay, even if it is a bit unusual!


The download contains a pak0.pak file. Put this in a subdirectory of your main Quake directory and run Quake with the -game command-line option. For full installation instructions you can consult the text file.


FRL (4.9Mb)
Refilmed movie, 15min, menu-driven demo PAK
download text
v1 release, 99/04/01
Also contains the first-person recordings and other assorted goodies.

Version history

1st April 1999 - release version 1.
This was the first public release.
21st January 1999 - first person version.
It was agreed that we should hold this back whilst we refilmed it and added some production. Hey, ten weeks to wrap up a project is pretty good going for QdQ these days.