The Delightful Run


  • Our goal is to run through the RDE pack by Jesse van Dijk, doing both a 100% run and a pure run on the easiest skill setting (skill 0), using un-restricted bunnies.
  • Download the bunny-enabled progs here.
  • Send your demos to quake @

    September 4th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Tom improved rd1m4 by one second using a new route. I'm not sure which route is actually fastest... I'll label it done for now though.
    August 24th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Ingmar improved rd1m4 by yet another two seconds!
    August 23rd, 2006 - Thomas
  • Ingmar improved rd1m4 by another second.
    August 21st, 2006 - Thomas
  • Ingmar Pörner joined the project with a 2 second improvement of rd1m4.
    August 17th, 2006 - Paul
  • Demorelised all run demos up to rds4. (rd1m4 doesn't fit)
    August 13th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Tom improved rdstart1 by 5 seconds.
    August 7th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Tom ran rdstart1 for the "100%" in 43 seconds and took the rd1m2 exit. He also ran rdstart1 in 44 taking for the rd1m3 exit. We'll be using the demo with the exit to rd1m2.
    July 25th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Tom ran rdstart5 in 6 seconds, and it's done.
    July 20th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Tom re-ran rd1m3. Tom also ran rd1m1 in 19 seconds, and rd1m4 in 39 seconds.
  • Thomas Bergendorff ran rdstart4 in 7 seconds.
    July 12th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Connor re-ran rd1m2 picking up some extra grenades needed for the later levels. And apparently I was wrong about rdstart2 being optimal... Connor did it 2 seconds faster than Tom using a clever grenade jump. Connor also ran rdstart3 in 6 seconds, and I believe it's optimal ;-)
    July 12th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Tom Nguyen joined the project with two demos. He ran rdstart2 in 8 seconds and it's done. He also ran rd1m3 in 31 seconds, 3 seconds faster than Kay's 'from scratch' run, but he says he's gonna try for 30. Picking up the grenades by the gold key door will certainly help for the remaining levels.
    July 9th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Mathias seems to be on a roll these days. He ran rd1m2 for the 'run' in 20 seconds, 1 second faster than Jozsef, and it's done.
    July 8th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Mathias Thore ran rdstart1 for the 'run' in 17 seconds and it's done.
    July 5th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Cleaned up the page a bit and added the first demo for the 'run' section.
    June 11th, 2006 - Thomas
  • The project page has been set up.