Quake done 100% Quickest

    March 15th, 2011 - Thomas
  • Here's the last demo made for the project. It was recorded 3 years ago by Jaakko Alakopsa. The demo in question is a 4 second improvement of e4m6 in 1:36. The project has been released and can be found on the Quake done Quick site.
    November 18th, 2008 - Karol
  • After a slight delay, we have received a couple of new demos! The two improved demos are by Thomas Stubgaard. He did e4m3 in 3:45, 2 seconds faster than his earlier time. Also, he took a few [thousands] tries at the insanely random e4m4 and got a 2:37, also 2 seconds faster. Both are obviously DONE.
  • Configs and further demos have been updated in accordance to the new demos from Stubby.
    July 12th, 2007 - Karol
  • Recam info again. David Spickermann really went to job this time - he made 4 recams. And let me tell you, he's a natural at this. You can watch the style of his recams in those 4 demos: e1m3, e1m8, e1m6 and e1m7. Every one of them has interesting camera movement, and e1m7 presents a really new and awesome idea :).
  • Flavio Quadros made a few recams too. One of them (e2m2) unfortunately looks jerky and the script got lost somewhere, so I'm putting it up just for show. The second recam he made is e2m7, which is a really good recam. If you see any error within one of the recams, please let me know.
    July 11th, 2007 - Karol
  • Some recam info. We have a few new volunteers, and also, the e4m8 recam was horribly buggy and I had to take it down. Ep4 still needs people for recamming :)
    July 9th, 2007 - Karol
  • Alright, this is a fat update. Arturo Garcia Lasca sent us a new e1m5 demo. The finishing time is 1:10, which is a 3 second improvement over Stubgaard. I labelled it as 'Done?'. Why is that? The demo is nice, but Arturo himself said that it can be improved and he may try it again, he ain't sure if he'll do it though. If we don't receive anything better, it'll end up in the final product. So 'done?' it is.
  • Besides that, I have updated the status on my e3m6 demo to 'done?' too. I didn't have any luck with it and I doubt I'll try it more. If anyone wants to improve this demo, then great, otherwise it'll end up in the final product too.
  • As you can probably notice, that means all demos are more or less done (besides the two mentioned in this update), so now we need people for recamming all the demos! If you want to help the project, just make a recam or a few of them :). And remember about the fancy remstud2 tool, which should help you all in the recamming process.
  • Concerning the recams, we got a bunch of recams from Roman. He recammed almost all of the ep3, besides e3m6, and he also made a recam for end. Follow his example everyone :). Check the tables for new recams.
    July 2nd, 2007 - Karol
  • I redid e3m6 so that it fits now. The new time is 1:50, three seconds faster than Stubgaard. I used a slightly different start tactic in it. The demo itself is incredibely lucky, at the end I got so nervous, I feared I would lose such a slick try...but I didn't fuck up, surprisingly. I managed to save 3 seconds at the start and kept the savings through the demo. I may be able to save an additional second or two, so I don't mark it as DONE yet...
    June 26th, 2007 - Karol
  • Arturo Garcia Lasca has made another demo - this time it's e1m4 in 1:29, improving the old demo by Stubgaard by 6 seconds. It's DONE.
  • Thanks to different stats, all the demos from ep1 fit now, however I don't mark e1m5 as DONE because the current SDA record from scratch is just a second longer, I'm sure someone can achieve something better.
    June 20th, 2007 - Karol
  • It's been a while since anything happened in here, so this one is a little more lengthy...
  • First off, demos. Both on episode 1, both by one player - Arturo Garcia Lasca. The first one is on the first map in Quake, e1m1. The map gets finished finished in 1 minute and 2 seconds, a 2 second improvement over Stubgaard. The second one is again a 2 second improvement over Stubgaard, on e1m2, meaning the time is 1:03 now. Both demos are also regular SDA records. Both are DONE.
  • Aleksander Osipov improved Stubgaard's time on e4m7 by 15 seconds. The demo looks very slick, and so I label it as DONE :)
  • All configs for demos after those two were updated, as were all of the fitting demos.
  • As I've already said in the last update, e1m5 doesn't fit. The config for it is the final one and it's safe to redo it now :)
  • e3m6 still doesn't fit, we're still waiting for a demo for that map.
    June 8th, 2007 - Karol
  • A little info about the project: we have noticed that two demos don't fit anymore. First being e1m5, second being e3m6. So, they are up for redoing, but beware that e1m5 config may not be the final one, so you may want to wait before running that map. e3m6 is safe to run with the config that's on the page.
    May 13th, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved Justin's run on e2m6 by 36 seconds to get 2:59. This is not an easy map to do fast, lots of things can bugger up, especially in the lifts section and in the left tower opposite of where the quad secret is.
  • Also, I uploaded a prettier e1m1 I did a while ago.
    April 10th, 2007 - Thomas
  • Our first batch of recams are here: e3m1, e3m2, e3m3, all three recams by Roman, and e4m8 by Andrey. These recams were made with remstud2, our newest recamming tool courtesy of Roman Priborkin.
    April 2nd, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved my "from scratch" demo on e2m5 by 12 seconds - which is 32 seconds faster than the previous project demo by Justin - to get 1:47. This map is a total lottery, but all the monsters lined up very nicely and nearly everything worked out perfectly! I'll never be able to get this crazy amount of luck again during an entire run, so I'll label it done. Time to give e2m6 an overhaul!
    March 30th, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved Justin's run on e2m7 by 31 seconds to get 1:42. The exit area wasn't just your typical id map randomness, it was more like russian roulette, but I finally had some luck with no less than two intermission kills :-)
    March 4th, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved Justin's run on e2m3 by 30 seconds to get 1:49. It was impossible to get a run without minor flaws due to the nature of this map, but I'm fairly happy with how this demo came out. The ogre at the quad and I became good friends after a while... :-) I'm pleased by the fact that I finally reached a personal milestone I've had ever since I started this project 6 years ago. The total time for the project is now under 50 minutes!
    February 10th, 2007 - Thomas
  • We've opened up for recamming submissions. Roman has already volunteered to do all of episode 3, yay! If you're up for it give us a holler in our IRC channel (#qdq on quakenet), or send us a mail.
    February 9th, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved Jozsef's run on e2m1 by 1 second to get 1:23. This one took A LOT of hard work to get! With this demo finally being done, work can now fully commence on episode 2.
    January 27th, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved Marlo's run on e3m6 by 15 seconds to get 1:53. It's exactly the same route as in Qd100Qr, mostly because it's such a linear map for 100%'s. I had a go at a few other possible routes, but none of them turned out to be any good, so I stuck with the old one. I got very lucky with most of the kills the entire demo through.
    January 24th, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved Carl-Lloyd's run on e4m7 by 27 seconds to get 1:42. This map also suffered from proper route planning in the previous release... To be fairly honest though, I had some issues with the zombies in the ceiling which forced me to think up a new route, and it turns out the new route was a lot faster than the old one would've been :-) This demo concludes the closure of Episode 4.
    January 21st, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved Marlo's run on e4m6 by 46 seconds (!!) to get 1:40. It's a very good example of how important proper route planning is! :-)
    January 18th, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved Justin's run on e4m8 by 17 seconds to get 2:26. There's two minor slowdowns in this demo, but getting to the exit alive with all kills was a miracle in itself! I'm fairly satisfied with this demo.
    January 4th, 2007 - Thomas
  • I improved e4m5 by 21 seconds to get 2:00. Random fucker of a map!
    December 18th, 2006 - Thomas
  • I improved my demo on e4m3 by another two seconds. I believe it's optimal now! And it's DONE of course :-)
    December 3rd, 2006 - Mathias
  • Thomas Bergendorff improved e3m7 another second, getting 0:51. Config files for e3m5 and e3m6 have been updated accordingly. This level is still DONE...
    November 23rd, 2006 - Mathias
  • Thomas Bergendorff improved e3m7 4 more seconds, getting 0:52. Config files for e3m5 and e3m6 have been updated accordingly.
    November 9th, 2006 - Mathias
  • Thomas played e3m5 20 (!) seconds faster than Marlo, getting 1:32. All nice and smooth, this demo gets the DONE flag. Now only e3m6 is left before ep3 is finished!
    November 6th, 2006 - Thomas
  • I ran e3m7 six seconds faster than Marlo. Due to the very straight-forward nature of this map, it's quite hard to gain any speed anywhere, so this will have to do.
    November 3rd, 2006 - Thomas
  • I felt like smoothening up my old e3m1 demo a little, and did so by 1 second :-)
    October 22nd, 2006 - Thomas
  • I improved e2m4 by another 10 seconds using the stats from the old e2m7 demo. It's done.
    October 10th, 2006 - Thomas
  • I ran e2m4 from scratch getting 2:14, 8 seconds better than the QdQ demo.
    August 12th, 2006 - Thomas
  • I made a slight improvement to e1m4, 1 second faster and 30 seconds in total.
    August 11th, 2006 - Thomas
  • This didn't take long to do. I improved e1m4 by 4 seconds.
    July 20th, 2006 - Thomas
  • This is a crazy demo! I improved end by nothing less than 42 seconds! It's one 1 full minute and 4 seconds faster than the original End demo for Qd100Q.
    June 17th, 2006 - Thomas
  • I thought up yet another new route for e4m4! It enabled me to improve the previous time by 9 seconds. Hopefully I'm done with e4m4 now, but you never know... :-)
    May 24th, 2006 - Thomas
  • The stats didn't fit with Peter's e1m6, so Mathias went ahead and ran e1m7 2 seconds slower than Jozsef, but at least the stats fit now :-)
    February 24th, 2006 - Thomas
  • Peter is back on track with a mindblowing demo on e1m6, 4 seconds better than Connor! Amazing!
  • I improved e3m4 by 13 seconds, but it's not done yet... I'll keep working on it.
    October 13th, 2005 - Thomas
  • Yet another improvement to e2m5, this time by 1 second.
    October 3rd, 2005 - Thomas
  • I improved e2m5 by 2 seconds, but as always this was done from scratch, so more seconds can be shaved off with the proper stats.
    August 28th, 2005 - Thomas
  • As promised, here's a new e4m4 which beats the old demo by 1 lousy second, but the map is so insanely random and difficult to surive, that this will have to do! It's DONE.
    August 22nd, 2005 - Thomas
  • Rock on! I improved e4m3 by 2 more seconds to get 3:49, and it's DONE (again)!
  • It's about time we got the ball rolling again, so I think I'll move on to e4m4, the old demo is kinda crap...
    March 16th, 2005 - Mathias
  • Carl did e2m2 in 1:08 and of course it's DONE again! 16 seconds faster than qd100qr.
  • Carl also provided us with this new config for e2m3.
    March 14th, 2005 - Mathias
  • Martin did e2m2 in 1:10 and it's DONE because it's crazy. Beats Qd100Qr by 14 seconds.
  • A config for e2m3 has been made.
    March 6th, 2005 - Mathias
  • Thomas redid e3m3 and got 1:18 again, it looks nice so this is DONE.
    March 2nd, 2005 - Mathias
  • A while ago Connor made e1m8 in an amazing 0:50, and it's DONE. 9 seconds faster than the preview.
  • Thomas made e3m2 in 1:20, one second faster, and it's DONE. This is the same demo as the SDA record, but demorelised.
  • Thomas is also working on e3m3 and shows us this 1:18, two seconds faster but maybe not done.
  • Stats for e1m5 and e3m4 updated accordingly.
    February 9th, 2005 - Thomas
  • Here we go, e1m4 in 1:40 and it's DONE.
    February 8th, 2005 - Mathias
  • We're opening this project publicly and invite you all to make demos for it. Hopefully this means that it can be finished soon, how long it takes is up to us really! While we mostly need to focus on episodes 2, 3 and 4, some of the demos from episode 1 might still be improvable!
  • To make the release of EP1 possible, Connor redid e1m6 and got 0:52, totally 4 seconds faster than Qd100Qr.
  • The good stats at the end of e1m6 enabled us to use a quicker e1m7. It's 19 seconds, 3 seconds faster than Qd100Qr.
  • As a good start to the full release, Thomas made e1m4 in 1:41, 24 seconds faster than Qd100Qr. This demo is 3 seconds faster than the demo in the EP1 release, and still Thomas isn't satisfied.
    November 3rd, 2004 - Thomas
  • Wow, over a year since the last update! Anyways, there's two new demos: Another one second improvement to e2m5, which brings the time down to 2:02.
  • And I also did e4m6 from scratch in 2:18, eight seconds better than Marlo.
    November 1st, 2003 - Thomas
  • I did e4m3 in 3:51 with better ending stats than my SDA record, and it's DONE.
  • I also did e2m5 in 2:03, six seconds faster, but it's from scratch so it'll be improved eventually.
    June 13th, 2003 - Thomas
  • I did e1m5 in 1:13, ten seconds faster than Arturo and it's DONE.
    May 27th, 2003 - Thomas
  • I did e1m8 in 0:59, thirteen seconds faster than Marlo and it's DONE. Next demo will be e1m5.
    May 22nd, 2003 - Thomas
  • Due to a few new route tweaks (thanks goes out to Morfy), I was able to do e1m4 in 1:44, six seconds better than the one I did 4 days ago, and it's DONE. Next demo will be e1m8.
    May 18th, 2003 - Thomas
  • I did e1m4 in 1:44, fifthteen seconds faster than Justin. I'll try to get below 1:50.
    May 6th, 2003 - Thomas
  • Jozsef was so kind as to demorelise e1m2 and e1m3, so I could begin work on e1m4.
    May 3rd, 2003 - Thomas
  • I did e1m1 in 1:04, one second faster than Magnusson, and it's DONE!
    March 3rd, 2003 - Thomas
  • Let's get this project rolling again! Here's a bunch of demos that were never posted due to lack of interrest in this project:
  • e1m2 by me in 1:05, one second improvement.
  • e1m3 by me in 1:42, twenty seconds improvement.
  • e1m5 by Arturo in 1:23, nine seconds improvement.
  • e1m7 by Jozsef in 0:20, two seconds improvement.
  • e3m3 by me in 1:20, twenty-two seconds improvement.
  • e4m4 by me in 2:49, seventeen seconds improvement.
  • end by me in 1:37, twenty-two seconds improvement.
    January 7th, 2002 - Stefan
  • Demorelised version of e3m2 is available.
    December 13th, 2001 - Stefan
  • Thomas ran e3m1 in 1:30, seven seconds faster than the SDA record.
    November 9th, 2001 - Stefan
  • Thomas ran e1m2 in 1:06, two seconds faster than Alex and six faster than Qd100Qr.
    July 9th, 2001 - Stefan
  • Thomas ran e2m5 in 2:09, ten seconds faster than Qd100Qr.
  • Alex did e1m2 in 1:08, two seconds faster.
  • Jozsef did e2m1 in 1:24, six seconds faster.
    May 22nd, 2001 - Stefan
  • Vondur set up a recam page on his own here.
    May 21st, 2001 - Stefan
  • Vondur improved e4m2 and refilmed end.
    May 18th, 2001 - Stefan
  • Vondur refilmed e4m2, too.
    May 17th, 2001 - Stefan
  • Vondur refilmed three demos: e3m1, e4m1, and e4m3.
    May 15th, 2001 - Stefan
  • Thomas improved e3m2 to 1:21, one second faster. He'll keep trying for 1:19.
    April 23rd, 2001 - Ingmar
  • Thomas improved e3m2 to 1:22, still to be improved further. This is also an SDA record :)
    April 20th, 2001 - Stefan
  • Progress page set up.
  • Demorelised versions of ep4 demos here.