Dimension of the Gibbed : The Movie

Between September and December 2002 we ran a series of contests on Episode one : The Dimension of the Doomed to gib all the monsters in the fastest time we could. The winning entries were then refilmed and cutscenes added to create this movie. For more information, please read the text file that comes with the downloads.


I'm sure that you've all read the recent government report that showed that unless you brush them regularly then too much eye-candy can cause your eyes to rot and fall out. Therefore we present the movie in three different flavours...

Chocolate :
This is the flashy, sparkly .avi version of the movie filmed from the JoeQuake engine with loads of lovely lighting and effects. (But not as many new textures as our other recent releases.)

Get it here. (273Mb)

Labia :
The .avi version of the first-person runs. Produced in the same manner as the above, this shows just the original contest winning speedruns in their original, unadulterated, glorious form.

Get it here or here. (140Mb)

Marijuana :
A menu driven .pak download of the complete movie and first person runs so you can watch it as nature intended: in your favourite Quake engine[1] with your favourite options. (It's also a hell of a lot smaller. :-))

Get it here. (3.50Mb)

Note that this is compressed using Dzip. If you don't have it already get it here. Why use Dzip for demos? Because this download is 3.50Mb, zip (maximum compression) is 5.18Mb.

Once you've watched it, please send your praise, criticism, bug reports, abuse, etc to morfans @ speeddemosarchive.com, or post something on the forum.

Thank-you for your interest.

[1] This, of course, means your favourite NQ (NetQuake, Normal Quake, original stylee Quake) engine. I.e. Not QuakeWorld or derivatives thereof. :-)