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Sunday, June 25th by Lag.Com

Coop Coop Jaakko Coop? Jaakko Coop Coop Jaakko. Coop Jaakko! - 3:40 PM

Get your all demos download here.

From the ever-so-subtle update title, you may have guessed there were a lot of coop demos in the last 5 days or so, mostly by Jaakko. You would be absolutely correct. However, there are two milestones that have been passed by SDA recently...

One! The 2000th cooperative demo was the Dismal Oubliette EH4 in 1:36, run by Thomas Stubgaard, Paul Davies, Jaakko Alakopsa and Michael Hudson. If we had funds for these kind of things, I'd send you all a Snickers bar. Wait, one of those players was me! *chomp*

Two! The 9000th demo was also submitted just yesterday. One of the nice dam100 demos below gets the prize, but they were all done by the same group of people, so the exact demo is not important. As long as it nets me another Snickers. Now, for the demo listings!

There were a couple more ID demos recently, so I'll deal with them now. The aforementioned Stubby-Laggy-Nahky team lost mwhy down a hole somewhere, so this The Vaults of Zin Nightmare 100% in 0:51 contains but three players. Evidently they then found Michael again, but Jaakko wandered off to record eleventy more demos by himself. He was soon replaced with Thomas Bergendorff. Now, what happens when such speedrunning greats band together? Mad Coop Marathons happen! This The Elder World Easy 100% in 8:31 is but 42 seconds faster than Justin and Evan, but is worth a watch. Up until about e4m5. :)

Rickard Axelsson made a return to speedrunning recently with some speedy improvements to the hellvill runs. First improving Jaakko's Nightmare demo by 4 seconds to achieve 0:29, he then changed to teh l0zer sk1ll and recorded 0:27, one second chipped off Lodis's time.

More single player. In his time not spent cooping like a madman, Jaakko recorded two long demos on hellbrid and sent them in. That's everything slaughtered on Easy and Nightmare respectively in 3:34 and 5:13, beating Richard Skidmore by 7 and 14 seconds, also respectively. For no fathomable reason he also did the frustrating placebo Nightmare Run in 2:47, beating Nolan Pflug by 25 seconds. Nuts.

It's not every day you see a new category on SDA. Last Tuesday, lfdm4 Manual suddenly appeared, and since then it's had a constant stream of demos. Engage the lists.

The rest of the demos were all done by some combination of Jaakko, Paul and David Spickerman, who will be known henceforth as JPD, or some other combination. First they got together to make a palatable scream Easy 100% in 0:42.

Sometime this morning, JD recorded some demos on blister. The Mestres got some telling off, as they improved both 100% times. Easy became 0:47, Nightmare became 0:46. Why is Nightmare faster? I don't know.

During some other session, J commented that the brilliantly named Minimal Devastation was due some coops. JPD was on the case.

Note: If any of the above text files claim that one of the runners was Gregory Payne, ignore them. Sorry. :)

That was quite a few demos. Only 28 days to go before another QdQ release...

Thursday, June 22nd by Lag.Com

Updatus Majorus! - 3:40 PM

There's a few very important things to announce right now! So I'm going to break out the bullet points of doom!

That was possibly a new record for amount of exclamation marks used in a single update. I don't care! Happy happy joy joy!

Tuesday, June 20th by mwh

SDA is once again a hole-free zone. - 11:20 AM

Get your all demos download here.

After the last postively Morfgasmic update there were only two holes left in the tables, the hellvill Nightmare Run and the lfdm4 Nightmare 100%. Gregory R. Payne sent in two tablefillers which were both beaten, but still has a record. How?

This mystery is not explained by the action on hellvill where Lardarse's cautious 2:24 was quickly improved to a slightly less flabby 0:37 by our very own Richard Skidmore and then to an almost taut 0:33 by the crazy Finn known only as Jaakko Alakopsa.

A hint to Gregory's remaining record can be seen by watching his lfdm4 Nightmare 100% tablefiller which took him 1:59: he killed everything himself and didn't rely on the crusher to kill all the enemies like the existing 100%s do. Now, we'd been talking about adding this as a separate category anyway, and this demo finally prodded us to do it -- his demo filled the Nightmare "Manual 100%" hole, and NahkahiiR's 0:18 was a tablefiller for the regular slot (this means I lied in the top of the update: there's still an Easy "Manual 100%" hole begging to be filled).

Jonathan Lenhardt is an improving runner, and he proved this by improving Chris Ploran's Nightmare run of fr3n1m3 by eleven seconds to 0:35 (Rickard: doh!) and by improving his own Easy run of the terra episode by three seconds to 2:12.

Staying in the diseased mind of CZG, let's take a look at a rather strange Easy 100% of terra1 by Thomas Bergendorff. The exiting time of 1:29 is undeniably seven seconds faster than Marlo's record, so that's not so strange. What's a little odd is that there are still seven grunts alive at this point and it takes them five minutes of random blundering around before they all get crushed by the moving platform. Still, here at SDA we don't care how things die, just that they do.

Now onto our regularly scheduled demos from Jaakko Alakopsa show. It was a relatively unproductive week, he only made 10 demos. Two have been mentioned already, and the remaining 8 are:

Still, he beat a Nolan demo and a Jozsef demo, so we'll let him off this time.

You still have about 30 seconds or so to vote for the NOLANS, so you'd better get on with it!

Saturday, June 10th by mwh

Lag.Com, do you know the difference between POST and GET? - 12:25 PM

If any of you hotheads had voted for the Nolans already, your votes didn't get recorded. So please try again :) (make sure you refresh the voting page a few times first, too)

Friday, June 9th (again) by Lag.Com


It's the moment you've all been waiting for; the most prestigious event in the Classic Quake calendar. The glamour, the sheer awesomeness is difficult to describe, so just go and vote!


You see, we didn't forget it. Delays seem inevitable, but we hope you aren't too angry. Please don't hurt me!

Friday, June 9th by Morfans

A Bucket Full Of Demos - 16:25 PM

All demos in this update can be downloaded from here. If you look reaaaally carefully at this, you might see that there is a new "filthy few" -- but it's only a "filthy two" for now. Confused? Download the demos!

Nice of you to join us, y'all. It's been far too long since I cranked out an update and I'm not sure I still have the knack. So boobs, bums, scrotes, willies and flaps! Let's go!

Thomas "Tom-Tommy-Tom-Tom" Stubgaard has produced a snorter of a demo on the Palace of Hate, improving his own Nightmare 100% by a startling twelve seconds to 3:09. It's bloody, it's brutal, it's Stubby.

ne_dust2 is proving to be a popular little devil.

After the freeze comes the Mathias Thore. Mandel crashes through czg07b like a flood of melt-water and washes Carl's old run records away by...

Back to Jaakko and a long overdue improvement to Basil's gmsp3 Nightmare 100%. Some monster hunting is inevitable on this map but this 220 second improvement to 15:32 is pretty slick all the way through and is a worthwhile quarter of an hours viewing.

Next we have a gaggle of demos from TeamSDA's very own "Mr Underpants", Thomas Bergendorff.

We have a saying in these parts: "a re-capture is never a re-crapture". This, however, is pushing it a bit. Nah took Hud's percept Nightmare 100% by one second, so this week Michael Hudson takes it back.... by one second. 3:49.

Back to Jaakko again for a three second tonking of Bergie's placebo Easy 100% with this 2:43.

Jaakko and Jonathan Lenhardt have gone absolutely terra marathon crazy this last week. Between them, they sent in 5 of the bastards.

Three hearty coops will see this update through to its death. Every one a feast for the eyes.

One final piece of news before I go. If Daniel Lindberg is reading this, or if anyone knows a current contact address for Daniel, please get in touch with us. We need you, Daniel baby. Need you.

Friday, May 26th by Mandel

New on the new and new on the old - 5:50 PM

All demos in this update can be downloaded from here.

'Sup 'sup 'sup. Since the inbox has been flooded with demos since wednesday, we couldn't wait any more with this update. And because of the multitude of demos, the update has been split into nine distinct sections.

First, there's great news about a very VERY old hole in the tables finally being filled. The buzzing Finn Jaakko Alakopsa went ahead and did a nightmare 100% on fmb100, a demo I believe a few people have attempted but failed. It didn't take NahkahiiR more than 7:05 from when he decided to give it a go until he was done. Still nice to see someone finally making it to the exit :)

The second section is also about NahkahiiR and his second (methinks?) Total Ownage, this one on sewage. If sewage is a flower, and Jaakko the bee, then the 2:10 easy run, the 4:19 easy 100%, the 3:19 nightmare run, and the 7:59 nightmare 100% are beautiful petals in all the colors of the rainbow, which attract bees.


hellvill. NahkahiiR did an easy 100% in 3:19 and a nightmare 100% in 3:35. What's that you say, you don't find the secrets useful?

whisper next:

From here and to the end of this update, the rest of the demos are coops made by NahkahiiR and Basil: That's all sections already. Enjoy'em while they last! Now, we have 3 remaining holes in the tables. Will it be up to NahkahiiR to fill'em all or is anybody else up to the challenge?

Wednesday, May 24th by Lag.Com

Whine Time - 12:00 PM

All demos in this update can be downloaded from here.

Before we get stuck into the succulent body of this sizeable post, we must first savour the lovely creamy head. And what a creamtacular head it is! None other than Connor Fitzgerald has created another ID record to add to his trophy cabinet, this time the Underearth Easy Run in a blistering 0:30. Featuring a very nice unaided jump to the higher level and some sweet boosts, this is one masterpiece of a demo! Just one second faster than Timo Nieminen, but what a second.

There have been three demos submitted since the last update which aren't on the new maps, so here they are, all by Jaakko Alakopsa and on percept:

A short interruption from our sponsor, recordbot. NAME YOUR FRIGGIN' DEMOS CORRECTLY! Noticing that many of the Easy and Nightmare times will be the same, some of you have taken it upon yourselves to name your demos all sorts of crap, the favourite of which has been lf4na008.dem. NO! All demos inside a dzip should have the normal name, but then append an 'n' to the dzip if it is on Nightmare and the same time already exists on Easy. C'est simple.

Of the new maps, lfdm4 has been the most popular so far. It's small, tight and you hardly have to kill anything for the 100%. Let the games begin!

sm94_zwiffle also got a fair amount of attention in the two days it's been available for running. Inimitably Zwiffle, the map is small, blocky and stuffed with monsters. No coops, then! Next on the map-popularity meter is ne_dust2. Counterstrike didn't have so much lava on it last time I checked. A fairly small but quite pretty map, whisper failed to capture the hearts of the many. Regardless, it got a few demos. Just one demo for hellvill. One demo to rule them all! Thomas Bergendorff sent in a fairly slick 0:31 Easy Run with lots of jumps and stuff. Bravo.

That's it for now. Recordbot informs me that there are still 12 single player holes on the new maps, and... more... coop holes. Get runnin'.

Monday, May 22nd by Mandel

Get yer MAPS - 10:45 PM

Mkay! Time for another bunch of fresh maps to be added to SDA! We have tested each map rigorously to see that all monsters and secrets can be found for the 100%s. Not. Don't sue us if they can't. Bitch a bit, and send your demos anyway. We're now eagerly awaiting a monster load of demos! Monster load of maps -> monster load of demos, right? Right?

Sunday, May 21st by mwh

The word of the day today is "insane" - 8:30 PM

Get yer insane demos here.

Thomas Stubgaard is insane. We knew this already, but if you didn't think that luring zombies around for ten minutes at a time was evidence enough, you now can watch for yourself: This 9:23 all-kills Nightmare 100% of the Tomb of Terror as well as being 9 seconds faster than his previous insane outing also includes a harrowing blooper reel.

Also on the ID front we have two 3-player 100% coops on The Tower of Despair, by the new low-ping, high-insanity team of Jaakko Alakopsa, Robert Maglic and Mathias Thore. They first beat the American trio's Easy demo by one second to get 0:43 and then filled the vacant Nightmare slot with a 0:59.

Jaakko has been quite the insane coop convener lately; he's also been responsible for:

He also did the trincasp2 2-Player Easy Run in 1:16 with Basil, but this wasn't a record as Paul Davies and I had already sent in a 1:15.

Now, trincasp2 may be an insane map to play, but we promise you that it's nothing on r2m2. Despite the obvious button-pushing coop friendliness, our 0:46 (faster than Pif and Luc by six seconds) was seriously annoying to achieve. Insane, I tell you.

Lag.Com and I confused the already insanely shifting maze of coop partnership further by teaming up with Mandel and Orbs to record a telefrag-tastic 4 player Nightmare 100% of dmc1m2 in 0:27.

Last night saw a considerable amount of swearing in #qdq as people tried to do something insane: speedrun trincasp2. In addition to the demos listed above, this also produced:

To finish up, we have a tablefilling Nightmare 100% on hdn by the map's creator Damian Kulot in 6:26, an 8 second reclaiment of the tspe Nightmare 100% in 1:05 by Thomas Bergendorff, and this picture. Happy bananas!

Thursday, May 18th by Lag.Com

holycrapthoseguysgofast - 02:10 PM

Hey, the contest ended. Get your results hot'n'fresh here. Congratulations to Tom Nguyen for a spectacular demo! Unfortunately, not a single manette entered...

Wednesday, May 10th by Mandel

Who wants a contest? - 07:20 PM

I do! And I hope you do to...

So here it is! The Slipgate Simplex contest begins today, and ends in only one week. Lick the dust off your skatez, wipe the crap off your WASD and fire up quake. Please find contest instructions here, and send in your demos to the contest address no later than Midnight CET, Wednesday May 17th 2006.

May the bunniest man (or manette, obviously) win!

Tuesday, May 9th by Stubby

Hooray for bullet style updates!! - 11:21 PM

All demos in this update can be downloaded from here.

Exactly how it came to this I'm not sure, but here I am doing my first demo update in over a year... Why? Apparently summer has, combined with work/school, put a temporary end to our 'weekly' updates, so here am I doing what I'm supposed to not be doing, i.e. skipping school based on a lame excuse and updating this site which I hadn't expected myself to be doing again :-) Yeah yeah, enough talk, let's get on with it shall we.

I think I'll start out by hyping my own demo (mostly because it's the only ID single player demo in the update) on The Haunted Halls. I did the Nightmare 100% in 1:54, 8 seconds better than my demo from 2003, yay!

ID coops not on e3m7: Demos on mexx8: Demos on abw: Demos on blister2: Demos on trincasp2: Demos on assassin: ...and here's all the other demos: See ya in another year or so... Tooooodle-oooo!

Friday, April 14th by Mandel

The first update ever that is long overdue - 6:08 PM

All demos in this update can be downloaded from here.

Let's not ask a lot of stupid questions and make accuses regarding the lateness of this update. You're more mature than that aren't you? If it turns out you're not, I suggest you direct your anger at Morfans. I also suggest a trout as the means to mediate the physical component of your anger.

If it wasn't for this next demo, maybe we would still be waiting. But when Thomas Stubgaard sends in an iD improvement, there's no option other than grabbing the wolf by it`s teeth and make it write an update. The Haunted Halls is on the wine list, and Thomas is thirsty. Using some random trick which really cannot be explained, somehow Thomas finds 4 seconds to chop off the old nightmare run, and finishes the-most-spacious-but-one level in the whole freaking game in a crunchering 0:52. Aiiiight!

New maps time

Yer typical bunch of demos time Coop's corner Argh. Aight, sorry to have kept y'all waiting so long. Let's see some shiny happy faces, please? Please?

Tuesday, March 28th by Mandel

New maps O'boy - 11:04 PM

There's been a recent lack of inbox filling demos. It's never a good thing when there's a lack of inbox filling demos. Heck, inbox filling demos is what this site is all about. It isn't about Quake. It isn't about anything else than inbox filling demos.

In order to make you make us some more inbox filling demos, we're adding two new maps to the archive:


Thursday, March 16th by Lag.Com

Marathonia - 10:50 PM

All demos in this update can be downloaded from here.

It's been a week since you were all graced with a bunch of tasty demos to savour; now's time for some more. My calculator can only express their number in the form about 10. That's surely enough accuracy for anyone.

As the incredibly subtle title implies, SDA has received more than its usual share of marathons (about 0) in the last 7 days. The first is very short, but intensely succulent. Think of it as a kind of melt-in-your-mouth sweet which is gone in under a minute. The already swift jzblue Nightmare Run by Sergi Cami has been beaten by 2 seconds; a swifter 0:45 from Mathias Thore takes the record. Some nice bunnies and all the tricks make this a great watch.

The other marathon fills a hole which has been around for over a year. Requiring no small feat of memory and playing skill, running through all 6 levels of terra and completing them 100% is no task to be taken lightly, even on Easy. This 14:11 from Pif de Mestre is more like an eclair; smoothly chocolately throughout, and takes a good long while to chew through until nothing is left.

Next up are two demos which might as well be marathons, considering how long they are. Another hole which has sat around being ignored for a while is the sm82 Nightmare Run. This map is hard enough to move through without running into some ogre, but this 7:18 from the very hard-working Jaakko Alakopsa does the job. I might venture the opinion that it is not quite optimal. This means there's only one single player non-marathon hole remaining, the fmb100 Nightmare 100%. Who's man enough to take on this incredibly mind-numbing job?

...*shudder*... the other long demo is on the very same avatar that received a demo last Thursday. Apparently Richard Skidmore thought he should inflict more pain on us all by submitting an improved 4:59 Easy Run, beating Jaakko's demo by no less than 19 seconds. I had to watch it, and so do you. Here's to less demos on this sorry excuse for a map in the future.

Now for prettier maps. The quite new fr3n1m3 got a self-improvement from Tom Nguyen, squeezing another 8 seconds off the EH to get 1:23. Despite the self-deprecation his text file includes, I feel this is a nice demo. Bravo!

A couple of people have spent a fair amount of time flinging themselves into the eternal void this week. Notably, Jonny Andersson first improved the cbfspq1 Easy 100% to 0:26. Then, deciding he hadn't had quite enough of falling into infinite nothingness, he chopped off another second and submitted this 0:25. The spot-on grenade placement makes this a very slick demo, in fact it now equals the Run time by Kay!

Also suspended in the emptiness of space is pushcoag. Being slightly more of the 'stand around waiting for ladders' persuasion, even an Easy Run on this map takes as much as 1:27. Daniel Hansson achieved this time, beating Pif's previous demo by 4 seconds.

About three more submissions to look at, and they're all by the very talented Flávio Quadros. Firstly he decided that both Runs on the eye-searingly bright frostbite looked a little rusty, so he set about improving them both. On Easy he knocked just 2 seconds off his own demo to finish in 1:17. Then on Nightmare he cut more than a minute off NahkahiiR's unfortunate run; now the time stands at 1:54. Not perfect but a great deal cleaner.

Last one then! A self-improvement from GinKo on colony2 means both Runs are now equal in time. That'd be a 0:14 on Nightmare then. How's it feel to be as fast as Connor?

That's all for now.

Ok, fine. Succubus' stripy bikini. Now scram.

Thursday, March 9th by Lag.Com


All demos in this somewhat smaller update can be downloaded from here. Most of the submissions for this update were sent in while I was writing it, so it has ended up larger than expected.

I said you'd be getting updates more often. Someone must have taken this as an indication to suddenly produce masses of demos; luckily for us, these are nice demos! The most prominent feature of this week's... uh... this Thursday's update is a spot of spotless 0wnage by the Finnish coop juggernaut of 2006. Who other than Aleksander Osipov and Jaakko Alakopsa have decided to deprive the de Mestres of any records on mexx6. The last demos SDA saw on this map were those of Pif et Luc sweeping the board in 2004. One bit of Suomi magic and 15 months later, here they are:

During this massacre, Alex decided to strike out on his own and produce four single player demos, improving the 0wnage he already posesses on this level to excellent standards. These are: Whoo! Suicide Staccato never knew what hit it. Onto other maps.

A pretty, new but annoying level, percept got a couple of demos since Monday.

This wasn't the only map to get a thorough smacking from Jaakko. A wise man was once forced to evoke the image of demonic underwear whilst mentioning this level in the past, and who am I to ignore such precedents? You guessed it, avatar now has a new Easy Run of 5:18. What in the name of Lucifer's lime green G-string was he thinking? The last demo for this category was a 5:26 from Pif, so that's 8 seconds less time you have to watch this ugly level for.

Happily, he has since moved onto nicer areas. The lovely fr3n1m3 has received a possibly-not-quite-optimal Easy 100% from the aforementioned Finn, Michael Hudson and Mathias Thore. It times an embarrassing 0:57, just 7 seconds faster than the 2-player time.

Sometime during an infinitely busy schedule, I managed to produce some demos this week. The first is on a real blighter of a map, sm82. The 100% contains 132 monsters and 5 secrets; they were all duly filed under 'dead' or 'found' respectively in the time of 5:07, beating Jaakko's offering by a minute. Just to show there were no hard feelings, the pair of us teamed up to do a trick-filled Easy Run on my favourite of maps, hhouse. We got 0:48, beating the de Mestres' tablefiller by 17 seconds. Then we split up, and I produced a carnage-filled 3-player dmc1m6 Nightmare 100% with the much-appreciated help of Mandel and mwh. The new time is 1:12, equalling the EH2.

Oh crap, I missed this one. Jaakko ja Alex also did the quite long and complex hobr EH in a time of 2:17, improving half a minute upon the previous run by Pif et Luc. Right, now we've finally ran out of Finnish goodness.

Just one demo is left to mention, and it's no shortie. The mad Thomas Stubgaard has been working on cda for a small while now, and has finally turned out something he can stomach to send in. A mere 2 seconds away from breaking a minute barrier it may be, but this 7:01 of slaying action on The Man's Skill (TM) is a thing of beauty. Evidently it is also over a full 5 minutes faster than Pif's previous tablefiller. Oops!

That's a lot of watching. Get to it.

Monday, March 6th by Lag.Com

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose - 3:50 PM

All demos in this gargantuan update can be downloaded from here!

A few points to get out of the way here:

  1. I'm now part of TeamSDA! Woo!
  2. The msrj NR dz has been fixed; whereas before it was a direct copy of the NH, now it has the proper files.
  3. Nolans 2005 demo nomination is underway. Please be patient.
Right, now onto the actual update. I'll be using tried and tested <ul> tags throughout.

This happy day we have a rather large 36 demos to be added to the archives! As some of you may have noticed, however, a significant fraction of these are by the tireless coop team Pif et Luc. One of the submissions is an improvement, beating an old demo from 2001 by a couple of Anderssons by 15 seconds, making a nifty chessp1 EH in 0:47. The rest are tablefillers.
The cramped-even-in-single-player warehaus got a thorough slapping from the pair, suffering an ER in 0:46, an NR in 1:05, an EH in 1:22 and an NH in 1:52. They also did 100%s on some other levels, and here they are:

Being a new map, fr3n1m3 got demos from a 'varied assortment' of people. Some are good, and some are better. And one is Connor's. Only eight demos remain to be discussed. Most of those are self-improvements; let's make with the lists. Wait, Carl Tholin? His last demo was back in May 2005, so welcome back!
Phew! Expect updates to be slightly more frequent from now on.

Monday, February 27th by Mandel

Buy me - 8:50 PM

All demos in this monster update can be downloaded from here!

The most incredible demo you'll see this week is probably going to be this first one. It's an id treat from the Hungarian black magician Peter Horvath. His latest collection of tricks mixed together make for a nice The Door To Chthon Nightmare 100% demo, in 0:48. This isn't just a second or so faster than Connor, but 4. Sure, 4-second improvements happen, and in NH they aren't even that unusual. But this time it's 4 seconds faster than a demo which was already very fast and close-to-optimal-looking. Peter's demo is even prettier. And faster. And a lot more close-to-optimal-looking. A true, genuine pride stealer.

We're adding another map to the archive. This new map, fr3n1m3 by Fr3n, is... heavily 'inspired' by e1m3. Go on, call your demos f1m3_xxx and send them to us. NOTE: Seems the version we uploaded 2 hours ago had an issue that needed to be solved, so make sure you download the new version!

Now, let's have a look at some demos.


hobr percept killemal hhouse But wait... That's not all! For free, I throw in a bunch of other demos: Did you think that was it? That wasn't it! There's even more, namely a few coops: Irresistable!

Sunday, February 19th by Mandel

M is in da H, MF - 4:45 PM

All demos in this update can be downloaded from here!

Heya guys! Boy, there's a whole bunch of new demos this time... I can't even count them. There are in fact so many, I decided to do this update in the compact 'bulleted list' form, to keep the binary digit - 'bit' - count down.

Before you get to see the new demos, we have some important notes:

  1. Jube from PlanetQuake, if you read this, could you please contact Morfans somehow!
  2. Please pay attention to how you name your demos before you send them to us. Normally this isn't a problem, but this week we received 6 demos with wrong name. Tssk!
And now... THE DEMOS:


percept cda hobr killemal During the week we also received a good amount of demos on maps other than the five newly added ones: Thomas Stubgaard, Kay Berntsen and Paul Davies made some very complex mad coop demos during the weekend, together with various guests. You will have to look hard for a collection of more well played and precise demos than these: And that's it for now! Keep those demos coming. There are still a few holes to fill, and I'm sure quite a few of the demos above are improvable as well :)

Wednesday, February 15th by Morfans

Late, so very, very late. - 2:00 PM

All demos download for this update is available HERE.

This should have been posted last week to clear the decks before the new maps were posted, but I screwed up. So here they are now.

We shall start with Thomas Stubgaard and the first id Nightmare 100% of the year. It's an excellent 5:03 of the Nameless City which is 10 seconds faster than his previous time. As always, the zombie kills are just soooooo tight.

After two updates running with Blue Hell demos in them, we definitely thought we'd seen the last of these puppies for a couple of years at least. But this was not to be the case because Mathias Thore had decided that Joe's Easy Run marathon was just not up to scratch, and proceeded to whack off (*snigger*) a two second improvemnet to 0:39. Heh, a 39 second marathon. :-)

And that was it for single player action this week. But coops? Yes, we have coops.

Back to the the Nameless City for Thomas Stubgaard, but this time he dragged Mathias Thore with him for a 2-Player Nightmare 100% in 3:55 beating Stubby and Pfluggy by 24 seconds.

Aleksander Osipov and Jaakko Alakopsa are really the new "impressive coop duo of the moment". Their dearest wish, they say, is to become known as "the new Pif and Luc". :-)

Mad coops don't get any madder than Thomas Stubgaard, Jaakko Alakopsa, Michael Hudson and Basil de Vries doing an Easy 100% of the Chambers of Torment in 1:05. Top routage!

Leaving us with a five player Easy 100% to finish with, as Thomas Stubgaard, Jonny Andersson, Mathias Thore, Michael Hudson and Basil de Vries take a trip down to the Underearth and kill stuff in 0:42.

That's it. New maps demo blues to follow.

Monday, February 13th (2nd update) by Mandel

Run these! - 7:35 PM

For your running pleasure and our viewing pleasure, we're adding a couple more maps to the swelling archive y'all know and love.

Good luck and happy running.

Monday, February 13th by Mandel

And kill them all he did - 2:00 PM

The contest results are in! From a whopping total of 22 demos, only 2 can be the best one. Arturo Garcia Lasca took home the easy 100% category with a wide margin, while Arturo Garcia Lasca proved to be the fastest nightmare runner by a very small margin.

Double congratulations to Arturo Garcia Lasca and a big thanks to everyone who sent in demos.

The result tables and all demos are available here.

Wednesday, February 1st (2nd update) by Mandel

Kill Them All! - 7:50 PM

Contest soon? You heard it earlier today, and now it's here.

This one is called Kill Them All. Two categories are being contested, Easy 100% and Nightmare Run. Contest deadline is Midnight CET, Sunday February 12th 2006.

Now, put on your speedrunning jockstrap and start running the shite out of this little map.

Wednesday, February 1st by mwh

Happy Mailman Day! - 2:35 PM

All demos download here.

Well, it's not hard to think of which demo to kick this update off with. The latest 'well-he's-pretty-good-WOW-NOW-HE'S-BREAKING-ID-RECORDS!' runner to emerge, Arturo Garcia Lasca, has taken one second off Kay 'Mr. Bunny' Berntsen's Easy Run of Azure Agony to record 0:42. Not bad :)

The only coops in the update are also on ID maps. First we have a pretty high quality 2-Player Easy 100% of the Chambers of Torment in 1:34 from Aleksander Osipov and Jaakko Alakopsa, beating some forgotten Swedes by 3 seconds. Then we have a frankly terrible 3-Player Easy 100% of Shub-Niggurath's Pit from Thomas Stubgaard, Michael Hudson and Mathias Thore in 0:51, one second faster than the EH2. Fortunately the way end.bsp works means we can get away with me dying, Stubgaard stopping playing for five seconds and Mandel wandering around aimlessly and firing one grenade (which misses) and _still_ get an ID record :) 50 might be worth trying for, though...

The e3m6 EH2 wasn't Alex's first or even second speed demo in over a year, though: these were the Easy 100% and Nightmare 100% of arma2 which he took from Daniel Lindberg and Justin Fleck by 6 and 5 seconds to record 1:20 and 2:09 respectively respectively respectively.

SDA newcomer Basil de Vries proved he has the skills to do more than just ID records by beating Thomas Bergendorff's Nightmare 100% of tspe by 6 seconds to get 1:13.

The two most recent actual SDA newcomers are also featured in this update: the inaccurately named Joshua Anthony improved Jaakko's Easy 100% of colony2 by nine seconds to 1:25 and Robert Axelsson's Easy Run of the irritating darkfst by 3 seconds to 2:39. Flavio Quadros meanwhile took on Fabian Kollakowski's old Easy 100% of elden1 and spanked off a five second improvement by recording 0:55.

Now, if you thought like me that the last update was "the jzblue update for the next few years" you would have joined me in being wrong: Mathias Thore applied some serious power bunnies to Sergi Cami's Easy Run of jzblue_4 and finally squeezed out an impressive 0:08, one second faster. There can't be many more seconds to shave on these tiny little maps, can there?

Finally we head to the comforting barbarism of the second episode of the rogue maps. Firstly, I realized that even on maps like r2m6 pentagrams are only for little girls and further improved my Nightmare Run by six seconds to 2:56. Joining me in the insanity club is Paul Davies who tackled the exceptionally hostile Nolan-owned r2m2, firstly improving the Easy Run by 3 seconds to get 1:01 and then somehow surviving the even more chaotic Nightmare Run in 1:11, 21 seconds faster.

Contest soon? You heard it here first.

Thursday, January 26th by Morfans

A Game Of Three. - 9:54 AM

Demos! Demos! Get yer laverly demos 'ERE.

Our first demo is yet another improvement to an Id level, but this one is slightly different in that it constitutes THREE (remember that number) firsts in SDA history: The first ever Id SP record from a Dutchman; the first Id SP record made using a trackball (no, seriously, he does); and the first Id SP record made by Basil de Vries. He took the Easy 100% of the Palace of Hate off of Joe by two seconds to 1:55. Those of you familiar with the Mighty Joe's demo will have guessed that some serious route mangleage was required to perform this feat. How long will this last once the big, bad boys catch a sniff of this route?

Next comes a trio of demos from yet another SDA newcomer. Flavio Quadros.

Trying to cover up your own ignorance by hacking a map to try to be clever and produce a demo that we wouldn't have accepted anyway out of principal. That's the kind of behaviour guaranteed to piss us off. But then coming clean about the problem and producing an excellent OPTIMUM demo in a perfectly legal fashion, such as improving the runthis Easy Run by one second to 0:06, makes us smile. Dmitry Dementjev, we smile upon you.

My favourite demo of this week comes from Mathias Thore. What is so special about this undrwrld Easy Run in 1:15 (one second faster than The Fleck)? The bunnying? The tricks? The route? No! It's the almost superhuman mouse control he uses to execute some unbelievably smooth turns while he's waiting for the lift at the beginning. How does he do that???!!??

There seems to have been a bit of a 3 theme going on so far in this update. This continues now with the first of, you guessed it, three improvements to JZblue levels. Nobody has touched these buggers in years, and then suddenly Mandel goes and does the jzblue_1 Easy Run in 0:11 (which, incidentally, is OPTIMUM), and then...

...Martin Selinus goes and improves the jzblue_2...

Back to Basil and a stormingly fast Nightmare 100% on that odd little map whippet. Quad, pent, RL, LG and SNG all within 0:22 seconds, plus Intermission Nail Kill, gave him a one second improvement over Ivan.

Our last piece of one-man love (not in the Stubgaard sense...) is a warehaus Easy Run in 0:56 by Jonathan Lenhardt, beating Basil by 3 seconds. Makes a nice change to get a demo from Navvy that isn't a trick demo. :-)

The age of the Mad Coop continues with a Chambers of Torment 5-Player Easy 100% in 0:58 by Thomas Stubgaard, Mathias Thore, Paul Davies, Martin Selinus and Basil de Vries. Think this look like fun? Like to have a go? Got an idea for some route? Come to #qdq and join the fun!

And finally, a nice little 2-Player Nightmare 100% on the weirdest of wierd little maps, zippie_sda. Orbs and LagDotCom give it some beats and exit in 0:26.

The End.

Tuesday, January 24th by Mandel

Here's how you get some special attention - 7:12 PM

There are a few ways to get your own update here at SDA. The typical one is to make a truly amazing iD-demo. We simply cannot resist those.

The other, lesser known way is to ask for it. But for this method to work, you have to have something really special to show. Something unsane. Something incommon. Or something cooped.

Jaakko 'NahkahiiR' Alakopsa and Aleksander 'sidd' Osipov have something cooped to show this time. Over the past few weeks, these two speedrunners (and a few others) have been working secretly on a project which they call The Harvest of Secrets. Running in deathmatch mode but as a coop team, all secrets on all maps are visited. While, of course, going as fast as possible :)

So get downloading NOW! Get the movie HERE (dz) or HERE (zip). And enjoy!

Wednesday, January 18th (2nd update) by mwh

Nested Tables FTW - 6:35 PM

So another LOTW is over, complete with some spectacular demos. The regular results look like this:

Easy Run Easy 100%
1 Connor Fitzgerald 16.42898
2 Martin Selinus 18.97249
3 Jonathan Lenhardt 21.34869
4 Pif de Mestre 25.06734
1 Arturo García Lasca 29.44013
2 Paul Davies 35.17658
3 Michael Hudson 37.09963
4 Basil de Vries 37.33841
5 Jaakko Alakopsa 41.30261
6 Pif de Mestre 42.86386
Nightmare Run Nightmare 100%
1 Basil de Vries 19.63335
1 Peter Horvath 27.69258
2 Basil de Vries 37.03907
3 Michael Hudson 42.80805
4 Jaakko Alakopsa 44.90298

So it's congratulations time for Connor Fitzgerald, Arturo García Lasca, Basil de Vries and Peter Horvath. Though Basil didn't have much competition for the NR :)

You can download everyone's best demos here. The winning demos have all been added to the tables and are available for beating :)

For this contest we also accepted cheated demos, and these saw more attention than I expected:

Cheated ER Cheated EH
1 Arturo García Lasca 9.37267
2 Dmitry Dementjev 9.37884
3 Mathias Thore 11.67543
4 Pif de Mestre 14.54296
1 Arturo García Lasca 22.42604
2 Jaakko Alakopsa 32.28964
Cheated NR Cheated NH
1 Dmitry Dementjev 9.85531
1 Arturo García Lasca 22.88417
2 Jaakko Alakopsa 30.95845

So Ken is better at cheating than Manslay, it turns out :) (though only by a massive half a frame for the easy run...).

Oh, and in case you missed it in the last update: Martin Selinus beat a SP ID record! Go read it again!

Wednesday, January 18th by Morfans

Many a Madman. - 4:15 PM

All demos download for this update is available from here.

New tricks are very rare these days. Old tricks put to new uses are more common but still pretty rare. Extremely infrequent curiosities that couldn't possibly be used in a run being deliberately used in a run never, EVER happen. Until now. You know how roughly one in a million times when an ogre swings his chainsaw he mysteriously does a short distance teleport? You'd have to be insane to rely on that happening in order to improve a run, wouldn't you? Well Thomas Stubgaard IS insane! He used that very trick on the Easy Run of The Haunted Halls to improve his time by two seconds to 0:40. Just to show you how many things can go wrong with this run, quite apart from the ogre trick, he even made a blooper reel. Great fun.

By the way, if you've never seen the teleporting ogre phenomenon you might like to try the following, which is the easiest way I have found to force it to happen. Start gor1 on Nightmare (might need god mode on if you are of a weak or "Scandinavian" constitution). Go down the ramp, round the corner and up to the end of the wooden jetty so that you are stood in the water and the ogre is on the end of the jetty above you. Now stand close enough so that he tries to chainsaw you then step back out of range. If it behaves the same for you as it does for me then about 50% of the time he will disappear. Now go play hunt the ogre. :-)

The new year has only just begun and already we have our first new player. This is the kind of behaviour we approve of and hope that it will encourage all the other budding runners that are lurking on the shadows waiting for the opportune moment to show us their skills. Regulars in #qdq will be famialr with a guy called ziel how's been around for a few weeks asking all sorts of questions of anyone who'll listen. I think some of it must have sunk in because Joshua Anthony, as he's otherwise known, ravaged the colony2 Nightmare 100% in the grunt-slapping time of 2:23, beating Jaakko Alakopsa by 22 seconds.

Jaakko also lost a record this week to Paul Davies who has been working on the sm82 Easy Run for some time now. The result is a nice 3:29, 32 seconds faster. Not perfect but very mistake free for a 3 1/2 minute Run.

Of the last bunch of maps we added the heresp4 Nightmare 100% is the most glaring of the "oh come on, it's not that hard" gaps that remain. Basil de Vries made a 5:42 tablefiller that is so disgracefully bad (so bad that it looked like the kind of demo I used to send in about 6 years ago.*SHUDDER*) that I took a few minutes out of my hectic schedule to make a 4:22 just to stop Basil's demo from being an SDA record and thus preserve the purity of the archive. It's still not particularly good but 80 seconds faster and a lot less messy. No offense meant Basil.

Almost as mad as Stubby is Michael Hudson and his bizarre fascination with trying to improve Nolan's Runs of the Rogue episode 2 levels. Long and hard might sound attractive to some people, but to others it's just too much to handle. He's being trying for simply ages to improve the r2m6 Nightmare Run and finally make a 3:14, two seconds faster, yesterday. Being the plucky fucker he is he kept on trying today and with a little (extreme) luck and a better end tactic got the time right down to 3:02. In his own words, under 3 minutes has to be possible...

A nice little suprise for us this week was a demo from legendary twat Jonny Andersson. He improved his Easy 100% of rwa1 by one second to 0:50. Could easily have been two seconds but his grenade aiming is not what it once was.

Our final two single player demos this time round are the dam100 Nightmare 100% in 3:16 by Jaakko Alakopsa and the Easy Run of The Elder World in 3:07 by Martin Selinus. They should have been posted a couple of updates ago but due to a slight oversight by someone who shall remain nameless (okay, it was me) they were left out. Jaakko's demo has since been beaten but for the sake of completeness it's included in the all demos download. Marvin's demo hasn't, obviously -- that would mean someone other than Martin doing an ID episode Easy Run and that hasn't happened in nearly five years.

On to the coops, starting with the 2-Player demos. The first of which is a couple of Swedes beating a couple of Danes. Martin Selinus and Mathias Thore beat the Brothers Stubgaard's 2-Player Easy 100% of Hell's Atrium by four seconds to get 0:59. Pure class.

Next we have Jaakko Alakopsa and Michael Hudson on frostbite doing an Easy 100% tablefiller in 2:04 (SP time 2:33). What a bastard of a map this really is.

Cranking the number of players up to 3, we have Thomas Stubgaard, Paul Davies and Jaakko Alakopsa making short work of the the Grisly Grotto Nightmare 100% with a 1:39, 8 seconds faster than the 2-Player time.

Getting a little silly now. Four players-a-go-go for the Easy 100% of the Nameless City in 1:26 by Thomas Stubgaard, Paul Davies, Michael Hudson and Basil de Vries. Nice route planning, but you can't help but think that this needs one more player...

...and fuck my badger if Thomas Stubgaard, Paul Davies, Michael Hudson, Jaakko Alakopsa and Basil de Vries don't do exactly that and get a time of 1:15. Mad Coop season is definitely here again! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, January 11th by mwh

Bouncy! - 5:39 PM

Because I think it will be fun and Thomas "bum" Bergendorff isn't around to do it, I'd like to introduce you all to the second recordbot-assisted LOTW. The map is the newly released sm116_adamllis (func_ thread) and features a lot of explosives :)

As with last time, send your demos (named 116a_XXX.dem and dzipped) to the usual address (i.e. quake@). recordbot in #qdq will track the entries from each player in all categories (including coop, cheated, etc -- though naked and careful demos might be a bit tough :). For example recordbot: lotw er, recordbot: lotw er table, recordbot: lotw long and just recordbot: lotw should all do interesting things (once some demos have been submitted).

Again like last time, you have a week to get your effort in which means that demos will be accepted until 17:00 on Wednesday the 18th of January. After that the best demos will go into the tables and the map will be treated like all the others.

Monday, January 9th by mwh

It's because we love him. - 9:37 PM

What do Connor Fitzgerald, Arturo Garcia Lasca and Thomas Stubgaard have in common? Remarkable 100% skills, blonde hair, blue eyes, Scandinavian heritage, rambling text files, single demo updates... some of these things are true.

In particular, this is an update devoted to one remarkable demo. Yes, boys and girls, Thomas "Chopper" Stubgaard has improved the Easy 100% of the Tomb of Terror by one second to get 0:49. Enjoy. He didn't :-)

Thursday, January 5th by Mandel

This. This is the year. This is the year we wanna play Quake - 8:50 PM

All demos download for this update is available here.

First, a seasonal greeting. TeamSDA wishes all you Quake speedrunners a happy new year!

Quickly on to the 'new' demos. First up is one that's been sitting in our inbox for far too long. Using a devilish trick to dodge an ogre (which has a success rate that looks like 25% in the game code) Jozsef Szalontai managed to improve his own old nightmare run through Satan's Dark Delight by one second to 0:37. Impressive going.

The easy run department has only received one single demo since the last regular update, but the one we got certainly has nothing to be ashamed of. Tom 'powerbunnies done my way' Nguyen slashed through heresp4 like there's no tomorrow, beating Lodis by 3 seconds with this 0:47.

Richard 'powerbunnies done my way' Skidmore has made a couple of easy 100% demos since last time, for example this 4:34 on aard100, 1:02 faster than Jaakko. As another example, the 2:06 demo through dam100 deserves a special mention. It isn't often we get to see Morfans dash through a level with a funny name like this one. I mean, come on. Minimal Devastation is brilliant for a level name. And the improvement? It Also minimal when compared to the aard100 one: 7 seconds. Gonna fight back, Jaakko?

Daniel Magnusson is a #qdq regular, but one that seldom makes demos (or conversation for that matter...) If you don't even know who he is, I recommend you have a look at his EP1 NH which still stands solid against the attacks of the Danish. But anyway... To fill up his yearly quota, Daniel made and sent us a self-improvement on critters, namely a nightmare 100% in 0:51, one second faster than last time.

Other nightmare 100% demos have been made by Morfans and Jaakko Alakopsa. Having already done the easy 100%, Morfans had a quick go at the nightmare 100% on dam100 and got 2:57. It includes a telefrag that looks like luck but might be skill (???) and is 34 seconds faster than his own old demo. NahkahiiR had a go at colony2 and finished it in 2:45. I call it a tablefiller. Gonna take this one as well, Morfans?

From here and down, it's COOP FRENZY. The first demo is a bit of a shocker, and could maybe be called a COOP FRENCHY by a less successful comedian. It's the return of Pif and Luc de Mestre, two brothers who are well aware that two small shot- and nailguns kill a shambler much faster than one. Using this knowledge, they finished klz100b2 in 0:19 together on easy skill, leaving most of the monsters alive and kicking.

Martin Selinus teamed up with ME for a 2-player easy 100% through The Wind Tunnels. 5 seconds faster than Daniel and Jonny, our time is 0:57. Nice going, us.

Me and NahkahiiR plowed through the 2-player easy 100% on aard100 in 2:48, a time I've been told cut the current single player record time in half back in the day. However, that was before Morfans sent in his demo presented above.

Pif and Luc again. After having done the run on klz100b2, the 2-player easy 100% seemed like the only natural thing to do before the abrupt ending of 2005. 0:26 is their time, and not a single monster was left alive this time.

heresp4 got a 2-player easy 100% from Paul Davies and NahkahiiR. Finishing time is 1:21.

Thomas Stubgaard, power ID NH player and the wayward son of SDA, teamed up with NahkahiiR to spend some quality time together in the Chambers of Torment. First they spent 3:18, but when they discovered how much they liked the way it felt, they spent another 3:04. Later, they also made a couple of 2-player nightmare 100% demos on the level.

Last demo now. Team Basil 'fourth friend' de Vries - Lag.Com - NahkahiiR got together for a short bit of Tuesday afternoon coopery. The terrible outcome of that session is this 0:50 3-player easy 100% on Satan's Dark Delight.

And then it turned off. And that was it. Because, you see, SDA never really did exist...

No wait...

Oh. nothing.