Rickard Axelsson

General Information

You live in (city & country)?
Not city, but village and it's called Kattisavan. Nearest city is Lycksele. Country is Sweden.

Your birthdate (or age)?
February 2nd 1988. I'm 12 and already a speeder =)

Your occupation/job/studies?

Your hobbies?
Computers,fotball.table tennies

Your email/icq/mirc/homepage?

Your music taste?
Techno, rap...

Anything you want to add here (about yourself)?
I'm just 12 years old I have much to learn about speedrunning

Quake-related Information

Your nickname (story behind it)?
Blade its com from the movie Blade,
Blade is a vampyre killer, he kills vampires

Your Quake config (key bindings, etc.)?
Up and down arrow keys for moving forward and backward,
left, right arrows for strafing.
shift for boomstick
ctrl = shaft
ins = rocketlauncher
end = grenadelauncher

Size of Quake directory on your HD?
258 megs

Your computer (processor/videocard etc.)?
Pentium 133
49 RAM
1,2 Gig Hd
s3 trio64v 1 megs
(Please some one send me a better computer!)

Quake settings (resolution, version etc.)?
Winquake 1.09. Lowest Resolution

First contact to speedrunning (when, how etc.)?
It was when my brother wanted to do a coop record

First speedrunning demo?
2-Player Easy(nighmare?) run of e1m2 in 32 sec
Me and robert.

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of)?
coop easy run of pg4 in 0:05
coop easy run of pgexit in 0:05

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from others?
All Taipales runs.

Favorite player (overall/runs/100%/marathon/coop)?
Runs = Markus Taipale
100% = Thomas Stubgaard
Marathon = Shine or Ravage.
Coop = Illka Kurkela

Favorite trick in a demo?
Taipales E1m7 jump over the boss on the nightmare run.

Favorite QdQ release?
Blue Hell Done Quick

Favorite original Quake map?

Favorite custom map?

Most annoying monster/map?
Monster = Fiend
Map = E3m7

Do you like Doom/Quake2/Q3A?
I like the deathmatch in Doom. But My brother always beats me in it =(
Quake2 is quite good, only if i have the railgun
Quake 3 Arena, its great in deathmatch.

What do you think of Quake now?
Its ok

Quake Purity Test score? link
82.3% quake pure (17.7% quake corrupt)

Anything else you want to add here?


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