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2009-2011 Championship Ladder


This is the second map to be contested in our 2009-2011 Championship round. In 2010 there were no contests. Actually - there was no activity at all. So we decided to extend the championship by one more year.

  1. This contest will end Midnight CET, Wednesday, January 26th, 2011.
  2. The map in question is sm161_ijed by Louis 'ijed' Manning.
  3. The categories to be contested are Easy Run and Nightmare 100%
  4. You are not allowed to use a cheap way.
  5. Standard QuakeSDA rules apply.
  6. Name your demo and the accompanying textfile in the format sm161_playername.dem/txt. Someone named Lazy Bum may send in sm161_lazybum.dem, for example.
  7. Send your demos to quake @
  8. Good luck and happy running!

7 demos arrived to the mailbox during this almost indefinite contest. Congratulations to Optimus Joop for recording the fastest and most impressive demos in both categories, thus scoring 20 points. Nice demos also from Mathias Thore, Pif de Mestre and Marek Bartozsek.

Download all the demos by clicking on this link (.zip format). 2770 KB


Easy Run

01. Optimus Joop 0:13.93912 10
02. Mathias Thore 0:20.56605 8
03. Pif de Mestre 0:27.96718 6
04. Marek Bartozsek 0:37.85868 5

Nightmare 100%

01. Optimus Joop 0:32.99685 10
02. Pif de Mestre 0:42.44322 8
03. Marek Bartozsek 0:57.26734 6