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This is our first contest on SDA in a little more than over 10 years. It's WAY overdue, but this map is worth the wait.

The map being run is 400m by Stylaphone.

If you're having FPS issues when running the map, use this "stripped down" version instead. It won't look as pretty, but it'll run smoother.

Demos being run on both maps will be accepted.

In order to activate the finish line, the player must pass through 27 invisible gates. Once all the gates have been hit, the finishline can be crossed and your time received.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The map will only run with the latest version of JoeQuake (v0.17.0) that allows for BSP2/2PSB map support, so make sure you download it if you haven't already by clicking here.

  1. The contest will end Midnight CET, Sunday, February 14th, 2021.
  2. Play on Easy skill (skill 0).
  3. Standard SDA rules apply.
  4. Name your demo and the accompanying textfile in the format 400m_playername.dem / .txt. Someone named Beef Jerky may send in 400m_beefjerky.dem, for example.
  5. Send your demos to quake @
  6. Good luck and happy running!

Eighteen entries. Not bad at all for our first contest in a decade. Crashfort crushed the opposition, almost one second clear of #2. He's reaching speeds over 700 FPS which is just nuts! It was fun seeing the varying bunnyhopping techniques. It was also good fun seeing some coop demos on the map, especially the very first 8-player run in SDA's long and illustrious history. Thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun. Check the results below.


01. Crashfort 24.46217
02. Muty 25.33357
03. Grzegorz 'deniu' Gladowski 25.44667
04. Gustav 'brainfluid' L. 25.73449
05. Petar 'praskOo' P. 25.83201
06. Ryan 'Chambers' Moore 25.85786
07. EddWardG 26.67243
08. Melbo 26.92452
09. Matt 'kipi' Earl 26.95278
10. Michael 'goomba' Eskelinen 27.03239
11. Damian 'Ankh' Kulot 27.19893
12. Connor Fitzgerald 27.80631
13. Joshua 'Stylaphone' Bransgrove 28.58121
14. Thomas 'Stubby' Stubgaard 30.08643
15. Brent Wise 30.19306
16. Jonny 'P-B' Andersson 31.15287
17. Sphere 32.29890
18. Paul 'lagdotcom' Davies 37.20762
Zig-Zagging Jonny Andersson 40.80668
Walking Jonny Andersson 46.39569
2-player Chambers/Sphere 20.93711
4-player Chambers/EddWardG/Sajiki/Sphere 14.42295
8-player Chambers/F14m3z/Deniu/Sphere/EddWardG/Gustav/Ishmael/Petar 12.99201